One-Year Retention Rates of Immigrants

(Published December 2011)

Quantifying the Effects of the Provincial Nominee Program looked at provincial nominee programs to assess their impact on the flow of immigrants to smaller provinces. It found these programs are an effective means of both attracting and retaining immigrants.

The provincial nominee programs of Manitoba, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick, in particular, were associated with significant increases in immigration to these provinces.

Also, provincial retention rates for immigrants through provincial nominee programs were higher in most provinces than for economic class immigrants arriving through the federal programs.

Federal economic class immigrants (1-year retention rate) Provincial nominee program (1-year retention rate)
Atlantic Canada 62.7 per cent 61.8 per cent
Manitoba 66.5 per cent 86.6 per cent
Saskatchewan 60.9 per cent 83.2 per cent
Alberta 82.2 per cent 92.4 per cent
British Columbia 80.5 per cent 93.9 per cent

(Source: Quantifying the Effects of the Provincial Nominee Program, Canadian Public Policy, December 2011.)