Employer Stats

One-Year Retention Rates of Immigrants

Examining provincial nominee programs and comparing retention rates of immigrants in these programs to those of federal economic class immigrants.

Foreign-Trained Immigrants Less Likely to Work in Regulated Occupations

Foreign-educated immigrants with fields of study that typically lead to regulated professions were less likely to work in these professions compared to the Canadian-born.

Why Employers Hire Skilled Immigrants

Immigrants help companies diversify their global client base and target local cultural communities to find new business, finds poll.

Immigrant Population Increasing in Canada

Immigrants made up 19.8 per cent of the Canadian population in 2006, up from 15.6 per cent 20 years earlier. Statistics Canada predicts the proportion will reach 22 per cent by 2017.

Visible Minority Immigrants Less Likely to Work in their Fields

Unrecognized credentials among visible minorities cost Canadians between $2.4 and $3.4 billion in annual income.

Aging Population and Looming Talent Shortage

Canadian organizations are facing a looming talent shortage because the Canadian-born population is aging.

Diverse Leadership Enhances Financial Performance

Companies with a diverse workforce financially outperform their counterparts.

The Changing Face of Immigration

Immigrants are increasingly coming from non-traditional source countries.

Costs of Under-utilizing Immigrant Talent

Not employing skilled immigrants in jobs commensurate with their skills and their experiences costs immigrants and Canada as a whole.