Supplier Diversity in Canada report by the CCDI

Building on landmark supplier diversity research in the GTA published in 2012, a new report by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) examines the state of supplier diversity across Canada in both public and private sector organizations. This CCDI report features an overview of major organizations’ dedication to supplier diversity, assessing regional and sector differences in what drives it, with case studies of advanced and innovative supplier diversity initiatives across a range of both public and private sector organizations.

Key Findings

  • Only 43% of organizations that had a diversity and inclusion policy were engaged in supplier diversity
  • Only 35% of organizations listed as Canada’s Best Diversity Employers (2015) had supplier diversity initiatives.

The Business Case for Supplier Diversity

Here are some of the benefits that supplier diversity practice has brought Canadian organizations:

  • Increased competition among vendors, leading to better pricing and more innovative
    products and services;
  • Increased flexibility and just-in-time delivery from vendors;
  • Building the most-qualified supplier pool;
  • Reducing supply chain risk, by engaging multiple, capable suppliers;
  • Increased access to ethnic or diverse markets;
  • Meeting customer expectations for diversity;
  • Community relationship building;
  • Building economic capacity and prosperity in the community;
  • Building stakeholder relationships and goodwill;
  • Increased brand recognition within the community with improved public and client relations;
  • Customization of products or services can be easier with smaller diverse vendors;
  • Improved employee engagement.

Read the full report.

Read the landmark research by Dr. Paul Larson, University of Manitoba: Supplier Diversity in the GTA: Business Case and Best Practices (2012)