Diversity at Work HR Toolkit

The HR Toolkit is a comprehensive and free online resource that helps managers, employees and board members better understand, address and manage HR needs and issues in nonprofits.

Most organizations aspire to be inclusive workplaces that embrace diversity, value difference and support the full participation of all employees.

While many organizations realize the importance and value of diversity at work, some are unsure as to how to turn their good intentions into the policies, plans and practices needed to build and sustain a dynamic and inclusive workplace.

In this toolkit you will learn about:

  • Elements of a Diverse Workplace
  • Why Diversity Matters
  • Building a Foundation for Diversity
  • Legal Considerations
  • Recruitment and Hiring Practices
  • Inclusive and Supportive Workplace
  • Inclusive Language Guide

In particular the section on Recruitment and Hiring Practices focuses on New Canadians and examines foreign credential assessment and assessing language skills.

 Read the full toolkit: Diversity at Work

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