Creating Partnership and Strategy for BC’s Northwest Labour Needs

New Canadians are an under-represented demographic group with the necessary talent and skills to help meet demand in BC’s northwest region according to a new IEC-BC report.


IEC-BC’s new report “2013 Northwest BC Regional Forums on Immigrant Employment” stems from regional community forums IEC-BC held in collaboration with Northwest Community College, the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce and the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce in Kitimat and Prince Rupert to address the potential
IEC-BC-report-coverexplosion of current and pending projects and anticipated skilled labour shortages.  The action-focused Forums drew nearly 100 stakeholders from business and community organizations with the strategic purpose of creating a regional immigrant employment
strategy for BC’s northwest labour needs.

The key objectives of the forums were to provide employers and business and community leaders with current, regionally specific labour market information; showcase personal examples of employers who have hired immigrants who then have successfully integrated into their jobs and local communities; and, give participants a chance to explore what a regional immigrant attraction and retention strategy might involve.

Read the full report “2013 Northwest BC Regional Forums on Immigrant Employment

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