Canadian public opinion about immigration and multiculturalism

A new study from the Environics Institute, part of a Focus Canada public opinion research program, asked Canadians about their views on immigration and multiculturalism. The study found:

“Multiculturalism continues to be seen as one of the country’s most important symbols, and this view has strengthened since 2010. The most significant ongoing public concern is about immigrants not adopting so-called Canadian values, but this sentiment has diminished in strength since 2012. Moreover, there is now broad consensus that someone born abroad is every bit as likely to be a good citizen as someone born in the country.

Another important trend is growing acknowledgement of the challenges facing visible minority groups in Canada. Increasing proportions say there is ongoing discrimination against Muslims, Aboriginal Peoples, and to a lesser extent Blacks and South Asians, and at a broader level there is growing recognition that ethnic and racial groups need support from society at large to address these challenges.”

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