Workshops Help Employers Source, Recruit, Onboard and Retain Immigrant Talent

Workshops use real world examples and case studies from the BC market to support HR practitioners in understanding how to overcome common challenges in recruiting skilled immigrants.


Are blind spots preventing you — and your organization — from tapping into top global talent?

A group of HR professionals were surprised to see their own hidden biases were preventing them from spotting quality candidates when they reviewed mock resumes from skilled immigrants in a recent workshop piloted by the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) and BC HMRA.

“It hit home how, as recruiters and prospective employers, by virtue of the limited time afforded to do resume screens, how we make quick judgments on what and how information is presented with little, if any, understanding of the cultural forces in play,” one participant commented after the exercise.

The resume review exercise was part of a pilot workshop on “Sourcing and Recruiting Immigrant Talent”, developed by BC HMRA and IEC-BC.  A second workshop, “Onboarding and Retaining Immigrant Talent” workshop was also jointly produced.

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