Welcoming Qualified Newcomers Is a Sound Economic Strategy

The Gazette

By Peter Hadekel

Montreal — Just about every advanced economy faces the same problem: demographic declines and rapidly changing technologies are making it harder to find skilled and qualified workers.

Quebec is no different – in fact, its demographic challenge is more acute than in many other societies. One way to rectify the problem is to encourage more people to move here. But at a time when the provincial government should be boosting immigration, it’s doing the opposite.

The government is considering a reduction of eight per cent in the number of people annually admitted between now and 2015. And that’s bad economic policy, according to Quebec business groups that presented briefs on the issue to the Liberal government.

The business groups are worried about labour shortages that have already started to appear, and they’re concerned that the situation can only get worse as Quebec’s population gets older.

Recruiting skilled workers is hard enough, given the global competition for talent. Quebec will be handicapping itself even more if it limits a potential source of new labour.

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