The Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

The Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment recognizes individuals and organizations who are forward-thinking champions of immigrant economic integration. They may be employers who recognize the competitive advantage of a diverse workforce or immigrant entrepreneurs who are creating opportunities for themselves and others, contributing to Ontario’s globally-connected economy.

Up to five individuals and/or organizations receive this award each year.

Nomination Process

Who is eligible?

Nominees must be an Ontario-registered company and could be an individual employee or the entire organization.

Nominations must be made in one of the following 3 categories:

  1. Champion – recognizes an individual or organization whose drive and passion have created a positive and sustained systemic change that has improved the overall labour market success of skilled immigrants in Ontario.
  2. Employer – recognizes an individual or organization that has implemented exemplary human resource practices designed to integrate Ontario’s skilled immigrants into the workplace effectively.
  3. Entrepreneur – recognizes an individual who is an immigrant entrepreneur who has contributed to Ontario’s globally connected economy and prosperity by creating jobs and valuing workforce diversity and inclusion.

Nominees in the Champion and Entrepreneur categories must be Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents living in Ontario.

Nominees must not be elected by federal, provincial, or municipal representatives in office.

Posthumous nominations are not accepted.

How do I nominate an individual or organization?

You can nominate online or download the form:

When is the deadline?

The deadline for submissions is September 16 each year. If September 16 falls on a weekend or holiday, nominations will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. of the following business day. Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered in the following year.

How are recipients selected?

A selection committee, appointed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, reviews each nomination and recommends the candidates.

How are awards presented?

The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration presents the awards are a special recognition ceremony in the fall of each year.

Need more information?

Refer to the nomination form to get more details about program requirements or visit the following page>>

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