‘Stuffing the Pipeline’ can be a Disadvantage to Minorities

The inclusion of women and visible minorities gets sticky is the pipeline to the top, as programs designed to promote inclusiveness face challenges.

By August Dwyer, The Globe and Mail

At Edmonton-based Stantec Consulting, company leaders have long observed that the best ideas come from teams whose members boast diverse backgrounds.

Women make up 34 per cent of Stantec’s employees and 22 per cent of management. Visible minorities make up 12.5 per cent of staff and 8.5 per cent of management.

Together, they bring new perspectives to design and technical challenges.

“It’s something we really embrace because, through diversity, we are getting stronger technical solutions that really make a difference to our clients,” said Peter Salusbury, vice-president for people and practice.

Stantec is not the only professional services company – where careers typically depend on promotion – to recognize that diversity is profitable. Across Canada and the United States, companies are hiring more diverse employees.

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