Seven of 10 Executives Having Trouble Finding the Right Talent

Canadian employers’ top concern is the shortage of skilled workers.

By Richard Blackwell, The Globe and Mail

Canadian executives are having a tough time finding workers with the appropriate talent, and one possible solution is for parents to become more involved in their children’s career choices.

A survey of 500 executives, to be released Tuesday, shows that seven out of 10 executives say they have trouble finding employees with the right skills. Those in the manufacturing, health-care and public administration sectors have the most difficulty and the problem is most acute in Quebec and Western Canada.

ut the survey, conducted for the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC), and conducted by Environics Research Group, shows a highly divergent view on the solutions to the problem.

About 43 per cent of executives say the best way to close the gap is for employers to offer more training for new employees. An equal number say the solution is for prospective employees to better prepare themselves for the labour market.

But Mark Venning, chairman of CERIC, said the responsibility needs to be shared more broadly – it should not just be up to employers and potential employees to cure what he calls the “talent disconnect.”

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