61,000 New Jobs in September: StatsCan

The Daily (Statistics Canada)

Ottawa — Following two months of little change, employment rose by 61,000 in September, all in full time. This increase pushed the unemployment rate down 0.2 percentage points to 7.1 per cent, the lowest rate since December 2008.

September’s employment increase was spread across a number of industries, with gains in educational services (38,000); professional, scientific and technical services (36,000); accommodation and food services (31,000); natural resources (17,000); and public administration (14,000).

These gains were partially offset by declines in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing (down 35,000); manufacturing (down 24,000); and information, culture and recreation (down 22,000).

Employment rose by 32,000 in British Columbia — all full-time work. There were also notable increases in Saskatchewan (4,000) and New Brunswick (2,700) in September. There was little change in Quebec and Ontario.

Employment increased among the self-employed and public sector employees. Compared with 12 months earlier, employment growth in the private sector (2.2 per cent) was faster than that of the public sector (1.1 per cent), while self-employment rose slightly (0.6 per cent).

In the 12 months to September, employment has grown by 1.7 per cent, primarily in Ontario and Alberta. Over this period, full-time employment rose by 2.5 per cent (+344,000), part-time work declined 1.5 per cent (-50,000) and total actual hours worked increased 2.0 per cent.

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