Pilot Project Seeks to Streamline Recruitment of Professionals

Global Talent Connection will help Canadian employers recruit overseas  workers who are already in the process of moving to Canada and can help fill a critical need for skilled employees in the country.

By Stephanie Wilson, ICTC-CTIC

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges – Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (ACCC-CIIP), is very pleased to announce a new initiative, the Global Talent Connection. This will help Canadian employers recruit overseas ICT and non-ICT workers who are already in the process of moving to Canada and can help fill a critical need for skilled employees here.

We’re running a pilot program until March 2013 that will match employers with internationally educated professionals (IEPs) before they arrive in Canada. ICTC and ACCC-CIIP will work together to help employers in need of highly skilled ICT and non-ICT workers find qualified candidates, screen them, and even facilitate virtual interviews. These professionals, already in the process of immigrating here, are typically highly educated and have multiple years of experience.

As a preparatory step, ICTC has already identified a pool of IEPs who will be arriving in Canada within the next six months under existing immigration programs. Now, we’re inviting employers in need of skilled workers to participate in the pilot, have access to skills talent and shape the program to ensure it meets your needs – when successful, expect a full launch of the program.

The Global Talent Connection has been launched by ICTC and ACCC-CIIP to respond to an expected shortfall of 106,000 ICT skilled workers in Canada forecast by 2016. All of our research points to increasing attraction and retention challenges as well as a lack of job seekers with the “right” skills. Equipping our workforce (ICT and non-ICT) with these relevant digital competencies will yield the highest impact on productivity and innovation across all sectors of the economy. Without the necessary talent, Canadian firms will be at a competitive disadvantage in a fast-paced global, digital economy. Stakeholders including large, medium and small employers across the country, as well as government, have identified the critical need to recruit overseas professionals to keep pace, and the Global Talent Connection will be an important part of that effort.

We have long advocated for measures to help fill the digital economy skills gap identified through our monitoring and forecasting of the labour market, and through our programs aimed at increasing participation in the technology workforce. Through efforts such as the Focus on IT program aimed at youth,Coaching to Career, and the Integrated Work Experience Strategy (IWES) program aimed at IEPs among others, we’re working to ensure Canada’s competitiveness, prosperity and remaining leading edge in the digital economy.

Employers seeking more information about the program are invited to click here for details on how they can participate. Or, for more information, contact me at [email protected]