Ontario to Recognize Immigration Employment Leaders

New award program will demonstrate to businesses the advantages of hiring skilled immigrants.

By Kelly Lapointe, Daily Commercial News

The Ontario government has launched a new award recognizing leadership in immigration employment in hopes of raising the profile of newcomers working in the province.

“We want to get out there and let people know that hiring a newcomer can be a very positive experience for a company,” said Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Michael Coteau in an interview with the Daily Commercial News.

“Research does suggest that hiring a newcomer does make companies more innovative and help their bottom line, makes them more profitable.”

The award is part of the province’s immigration strategy which aims to raise Ontario’s proportion of economic immigrants to 70 per cent of all those entering the province. Economic immigrants are selected based on their skills and experience, to match the province’s labour market needs.

“We want to make sure all people, if you’ve been in the country for two generations, for one generation, for 10 years, or for three years, that you have an opportunity as an Ontarian to really integrate well and be given a fair chance when it comes to employment,” said Coteau.

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