Ontario Developing ‘First-ever’ Immigration Strategy

The Ontario government is establishing a roundtable to examine ways immigration can support the province’s economic development and ensure new Ontarians find jobs.

Government of Ontario

To help build a stronger economy, Ontario will develop its first-ever immigration strategy.

A new expert roundtable, led by Julia Deans (past CEO of Greater Toronto CivicAction Alliance), will help develop the strategy and examine ways that immigration can best support Ontario’s economic development and help new Ontarians find jobs.

Ontario remains the number one destination for newcomers to Canada yet it is the only province currently without an immigration agreement with the federal government. The new provincial immigration strategy will help to inform and shape discussions with the federal government towards an agreement.

Skilled new Ontarians are fundamental to our economic future. That’s why the McGuinty government is calling on the federal government to share responsibility for immigration so that Ontario and Canada can continue to grow stronger together.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario receives more immigrants than all the Western provinces, all the Atlantic provinces and the three territories combined.
  • Newcomers make up 30 per cent of Ontario’s labour force.
  • In 2001, the Federal Skilled Workers Program accounted for 77 per cent of economic landings to Canada. By 2010, that number had fallen to 46 per cent. More than 60 per cent of these newcomers have historically landed in Ontario.
  • The Federal Skilled Workers Program has a current backlog of over 300,000 applicants – many of whom want to come to Ontario.
  • The roundtable will consist of business people, employers, academics and other experts within the field of immigration and labour market needs.
  • The roundtable will provide its recommendations to the government in summer 2012.

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