New Tutorials Available to Help Employers Hire New Canadians

A series of free online tutorials have been developed to help small to medium-sized businesses fill job vacancies attract and hire skilled immigrants who are living in BC.


Every year, BC attracts close to 10,000 highly skilled immigrants with the skills and experience needed for BC’s workplaces.  Tapping into this talent pool will provide employers with the competitive advantage needed to compete in todays’ global marketplace.

The five tutorials developed by the Immigrant Employment Council of BC (IEC-BC) and the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA) will assist employers with attracting these skilled workers.

The tutorials feature industry-tested tools, practical tips, videos and resources.  Tutorial topics range from how to attract and hire new Canadians, to how to assess language proficiency, foreign experience and academic and professional credentials.  Viewers will learn how to create barrier-free job descriptions and define roles using key knowledge, skills and abilities.  Tips on where to advertise job openings as well as a list of programs and services that connect employers with qualified immigrant candidates are also featured.

The new immigrant talent tutorials are featured on HRMA’s new Professional Development on-demand web portal at

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