New Resource to Help Build Workplaces Inclusive of Skilled Immigrants

TRIEC launches new online learning hub for employers, HR leaders, community partners and immigrants


With over 50% of Toronto residents born abroad, the potential, in terms of innovation and access to markets, of a culturally diverse workplace inclusive of skilled immigrants are clear. And now building that workplace has become even easier with the launch of the TRIEC Campus:

Building on six years of experience developing and creating learning and training tools, the TRIEC Campus is an online learning hub designed to support the creation of workplaces inclusive of skilled immigrants.

The Campus offers resources for leaders setting organizational policy, HR and training and development professionals, as well as managers and individuals working with teams inclusive of skilled immigrants. The resources – including e-learning modules, videos and discussions guides – cover effective communication and team work as well as recruitment, selection and talent management practices to enable effective participation in today’s culturally diverse workplaces.

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