Maximizing the Potential of Newly Hired Immigrants

As organizations look to build their employment ranks, new Canadians are becoming an increasingly integral part of the business landscape.

By Denise Deveau, Financial Post

The shortage of labour on all fronts — from engineers to bricklayers — is in large part a driving factor behind the interest in foreign workers. But there are also a number of additional business benefits that come with having a diverse workforce. For a global consulting firm, for example, it can strengthen its growth efforts in international markets. For a retail operation, ethnic diversity could translate into improved service for regional consumer populations.

While businesses and governments acknowledge the value of immigrant workers, there is a myriad of well-publicized challenges to be dealt with, from onboarding and assimilation to cumbersome immigration processes. However, the rewards can far outweigh the inconvenience for those that do it well.

Kitchener, Ont.-based Brock Solutions, a developer of real time automation and control solutions, has been extensively involved with hiring new Canadians for the past 15 years.

“We have about 30 different languages spoken within our organization.” says Vivienne Ojala, president and CEO. “We tend to recruit actively from Canadian universities and colleges, many of which attract a lot of foreign students.”

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