New platform seeks to match skilled refugees with SA companies looking for new ideas

By Luke Griffiths, The Advertiser

INNOVATION has been the buzzword of Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership. Lost among his jobs and growth rhetoric, however, has been that the most effective — and probably cheapest — form of innovation is available from people who don’t yet have jobs.

Co-founders Anna Robson and Nirary Dacho — a Syrian refugee with a masters degree in web science — formulated Refugee Intern at a NSW hackathon event in November. Essentially, the online outlet connects, for a small fee, skilled refugees with companies for either short-term or ongoing roles. Work has already been found for 10 people.

“What some of these people have been able to achieve in their home country with limited resources is quite incredible. They have different ideas and are some of the most entrepreneurial people you will ever meet.”

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