MARPAC Opens Doors to Immigrants

CFB Esquimalt Lookout

By Ben Green

Esquimalt, B.C. — Canada is renowned for its diversity.

Each year, thousands of immigrants arrive on Canadian soil via land, sea, and air in search of a new start and a better life.

Starting this month, Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC) is providing valuable Canadian work experience as a stepping-stone in the right direction.

MARPAC is participating in the Federal Internship for Newcomers program. The program, which Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) ran last year internally, takes qualified, pre-screened newcomers and matches them with federal managers, who will benefit from having a skilled employee for a three-month casual employment. The new immigrant gains federal work experience, interviewing skills and networking possibilities.

“It’s a strategy that allows us access to newcomer communities and offers them something they need. It provides us with people in those communities to build awareness of federal employment,” says David Lau, acting MARPAC diversity and workforce renewal desk officer.

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