Making the Case for Employers to Tap into the Talents of Skilled Immigrants – a New Series

The business case for hiring skilled immigrant talent is clear to many of us. But it isn’t yet to everyone. That’s why we created

Our site provides businesses with the tools and resources they need to better recruit, retain and promote skilled immigrants. With tools such as the Roadmap, we’ve laid out the steps any business, small or large, needs to take to tap into the incredibly valuable talent available to them. The site also profiles good examples and innovative practices of employers from across the country. Are your competitors and peers there?

Whether you’re just getting started on your journey, are on your way, or are a champion in hiring and integrating skilled immigrants, we’ve created a series of videos and podcasts to help you delve deeper into the HR cycle of managing diverse talent. The series launches next week, with a new podcast and video being published every two weeks over the coming months.

You will hear directly from leading employers as they share their successes, challenges and practical tips. Large corporations, such as CIBC, KMPG and Pitney Bowes, as well as smaller organizations, such as Advanced Precision in Darmouth and XEA in Edmonton, share why they hire skilled immigrants and how they have hired and managed this diverse talent.

What you can expect

  • Why hiring skilled immigrants is important
    • The Canadian-born workforce is shrinking and the demand for labour is growing. Skilled immigrants fill that need and help Canadian companies do business with the world. They boost innovation and reflect the markets in which Canadian organizations operate.
  • How to hire skilled immigrants
    • Recruiting and selecting needs to be inclusive and broad in order to tap into the widest range of talent, including skilled immigrants.  Equally important is ensuring your company makes these new employees feel welcome.
  • How to manage a diverse workforce
    • Providing development and promotion opportunities can maximize the skills and experience of immigrant talent and ultimately increase your company’s growth and innovation.

You’ll be able to access the entire series in our Video section.

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