January is Mentoring Month


By Natalia Dobrynina

If you need a resolution to inspire and motivate you, consider becoming a mentor to a skilled immigrant.  There’s no time like the present. Thirty per cent of mentors commit to mentor again, so it’s clear they gain as much as they give. Each of us can pinpoint a mentor – formal or informal – who made that difference in our lives. So, why not pay it forward?

All you need to commit are 24 hours spread out over four months. Meetings can be in person, online, or over the phone and can include referrals for information interviews.

“Mentoring provides real professional development,” says ten-time mentor and associate manager at Sun Life Financial, Joe Ferreyro. “You learn about other cultures and get to interact with many types of people. I do a lot of mentoring on the job, so I can apply what I learn to my daily activities of coaching new hires.”

The Mentoring Partnership currently has the greatest demand for mentors in the Toronto Region in the following occupations:

  • financial auditors and accountants
  • chemists and biologists
  • sales and marketing
  • engineers (all streams but currently high demand for civil)
  • graphic designers
  • purchasing agents
  • distribution & scheduling

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