It’s Talent, Not Canadian Work Experience, That Counts

Ottawa-based Pythian has built a strong reputation by focusing on securing the best global talent available and sharing their experiences with other Ottawa employers to foster diversity and inclusion.

By Heidi Hauver, Ottawa Business Journal

Talent is talent, period. Pythian is one of the largest and most respected remote database and consulting service companies in the world, and we got there because of our focus on talent.

We recognize that our greatest resource is our people. And we know that the talent they bring to the table is what has helped us grow —and built our reputation as a provider of quality products and service.

While almost any company can state that their strength is the human resource factor, at Pythian, these aren’t just words. We live by them, and act on them, every day. Every human resource decision is predicated on actively seeking the best talent, nurturing that talent and keeping that talent, no matter where it was acquired.

What does this mean, really?

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