Immigration System Aims To React Fast To Corporate Needs

A roundup of the proposed immigration changes, and their potential impact, announced over the past few months.

By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News (published in the Vancouver Sun)

Trying to make sense of Canada’s complicated and seemingly ever-changing immigration system can be a taxing exercise.

From legislative amendments to regulatory changes, from proposals to studies, from ministerial instructions to pilot projects, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has promised “transformational change” but has released details of the government’s plan piecemeal, muddying the waters even further.

With sweeping new refugee legislation set to pass at the end of June and plans introduced in the budget to do away with a burdensome backlog of old skilled-worker applications, Postmedia News has attempted to dissect just what’s in store in the weeks, months and years to come for the approximately 250,000 newcomers who arrive in Canada annually, and why Canadians should care.

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