Immigrant Unemployment: The More Education, the Bigger the Gap

Immigrants still more likely to be out of a job even with a high education.

By Anna Mehler Paperny,  Global News

Friday’s employment numbers may’ve been lacklustre. But the job search is far bleaker for new Canadians: Years after the recession officially ended, you’re still more likely to be out of a job if you’re an immigrant.

In fact, Canadian-born high-school grads have a better shot at a job than university-educated recent immigrants: 7.1 per cent unemployment, compared to 11.9.

But the picture changes dramatically depending where in the country you are: In Quebec, which for years boasted the worst immigrant unemployment in the country, university-educated new Canadians had a much easier time finding a job last year than the year before.

In both Ontario and B.C., on the other hand, the gap between university-educated job-seekers has been widening: You’re almost five times as likely to be out of work if you’re a recent immigrant with a university degree in Ontario; in B.C., the unemployment rate’s almost four times as high, compared to less than three times the year before.

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