IEC-BC to Launch New Canadian Assessment Resource for Employers


The New Canadian Assessment Resource, jointly produced by IEC-BC and the BC Human Resources Management Association (BC HMRA), is a go to online resource on how to assess the employment experience of new Canadians.

Housed on the IEC-BC website , the tool offers practical solutions in a user-friendly way to the most common challenges employers face when reviewing new immigrant applications.

The online tool includes information on assessing language proficiency, academic credentials, professional credentials, and foreign experience with each section featuring tips for overcoming common challenges.

Users of the resource can “dissect” mock resumes from new Canadians, including an executive resume (VP finance), two professional resumes (a civil engineer and a marketing manager), and two trade resumes (an electrician and a chef). For example, users can click on different sections of the resume to see questions someone reviewing the resume might have and refer to recommendations for assessing the candidate’s abilities.

“The Resume Review Centre content was easily understood and provided practical and easy to understand solutions to common areas of ambiguity, questions and challenges related to screening new Canadian resumes,” said BC HRMA’s manager of Professional Development, Kyla Nicholson.

For more information please contact Javier Ojer, Manager, Immigrant Employment Council of BC at [email protected].