IEC-BC Report Calls for Greater Employer Involvement in Matching Workforce Needs with Immigrant Talent

The report, based on consultations with employers across the province, has 30 recommendations for public policy and programs to help employers leverage immigrants’ skills and experiences.


The Immigrant Employment Council of BC has released the results of an independent study that calls for greater employer involvement in matching workforce needs with immigrant talent.

The BC Employer Consultation Report: Recruiting & Retaining Immigrant Talent provides insight into British Columbia employers’ engagement in, and their issues relating to the recruitment and retention of skilled immigrant talent.

“B.C. employers must have a stronger voice in the development of policies, programs and services that impact the attraction and retention of global talent,” says IEC-BC Board Chair Bob Elton.

Over 150 employers (many of them SMEs) participated in fifteen focus groups throughout B.C. across seven communities and eight industry sectors.

“The BC Employer Consultation Report represents the most recent comprehensive qualitative research initiative with B.C. employers that addresses this critical workforce development issue,” says Kerry Jothen, Project Leader and Chief Executive Officer of Human Capital Strategies, an established expert in strategic human capital planning.

British Columbia is entering an era of unparalleled talent scarcity and increasing global competition for talent. Throughout the research B.C. employers indicated they understand the business case for employing immigrants, but for a number of reasons that became clear in the study, are having difficulty leveraging and maximizing this opportunity.

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