IEC-BC Mentoring Program Connects Employers with Job-Ready Immigrant Talent

TELUS signs on as an employer mentoring partner, joining the City of Vancouver.

IEC-BC’s Mentoring Program, which assists skilled immigrant workers succeed in the Canadian labour market by connecting them with established professionals in occupation-specific mentoring relationships, is pleased to announce that TELUS has signed on as an employer mentoring partner, joining the City of Vancouver.

“We are proud to partner with TELUS and the City of Vancouver on this initiative that will benefit not only the mentees and mentors, but will also contribute to the long-term economic growth of the City and the province,” says Kelly Pollack, Executive Director of IEC-BC.

“Through the mentoring program, mentees learn about the labour market, grow their networks and ultimately increase their ability to find jobs related to their skills and experience, while mentors benefit with enhanced leadership and cross-cultural sills and an expanded global knowledge. It’s really a win, win for everyone.”

In its third year as an employer partner, the City of Vancouver’s Mentoring Program has connected 35 mentoring partnerships across nine City departments from the City Manager’s Office to Engineering, Financial Services and Parks & Recreation. During last year’s mentoring program, eleven mentees out of twenty eight were able to find employment within their area of education and experience.

“City staff achieves tremendous outcomes in mentoring newly-immigrated professionals to leverage their skills and experience in our labour market through the Mentoring Program.” says Dr. Penny Ballem, City Manager and Sponsor of the City’s Mentoring Program. “Vancouver’s economic performance and prosperity is highly dependent on immigration and, more specifically, our success in attracting and integrating talented individuals into our labour market. Mentorship is simple, powerful and efficient. It builds connections, relationships and understanding.”

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