Hundreds Of Local Immigrants To Benefit From Government Investment

$1.3 million will fund various employment programs in London, Ont., including group mentoring.

By John Matisz, Metro News

London’s dipping unemployment community received good news Friday morning, as the federal and provincial governments announced a contribution of $1.3 million towards aiding immigrant workers in the area.

The investment will help more than 520 skilled newcomers in London, according to an estimate by the governments.

“They come to Canada, are usually underemployed, so this provides us with the opportunity to fully fund employment help programs,” said Mary Pierce, chair of Fanshawe’s Lawrence Kinlin School of Business.

The $1.3 million is a portion of a province-wide initiative by Ontario and the federal government, which will hand out $35 million and $22 million, respectively. More than 11,000 immigrant workers are expected to reap the benefits of the investments.

Fanshawe’s Applied Arts and Technology department can foster more than 20 internationally educated human resource and nursing professionals, helping them upgrade their credentials.

WIL Employment Connections, in collaboration with the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council, will also provide a group mentorship program and launch new regional Job Match Network thanks to the new money.

“Some of them will become licensed in their occupation,” said Anne Langille, executive director of WIL. “Some of them will start to build their business network in the Canadian job search arena, and some will find employment through the Job Match Network program.”

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