How Networking Helped Prevent an Immigrant Brain Drain in Nova Scotia

Halifax’s Connector program has helped more than 100 newcomers find jobs and is being replicated in 10 other cities across the country.

By Tavia Grant, The Globe and Mail

Fred Morley spearheaded a simple solution to a problem that has plagued Nova Scotia for generations: losing too many of its best and brightest to other parts of Canada.

Retaining young people and newcomers has long been a provincial priority, so Mr. Morley, as chief economist of Greater Halifax’s economic development agency, decided to create networks dedicated to helping immigrants find good jobs in their field.

The initial plan three years ago was to recruit 50 employers for a program that has immigrants meet over coffee with professionals so they can ask questions and come away with the names of three other people they can speak with. Twice that number answered the call, and now 360 well-connected volunteers take part.

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