New Hope for New Residents

The Daily Press

By Ron Grech

Timmins, Ont. — Thinking his entry into Canada from Chile was about to be rejected, Nelson Lueiza tried to console himself, thinking how far he had come up to then.

While waiting for the immigration official to return, Lueiza looked around where he was sitting in the Toronto airport. He had come much further than any member of his family.

“If they could see me now, in an airport, in Canada,” he thought.

The immigration official he had spoken to earlier didn’t seem to understand when Lueiza explained his profession was a driller and blaster. The official also seemed perturbed by the fact Lueiza was only carrying $50.

Lueiza expected the worst when the immigration official returned and called his name.

Then he heard the words: “Welcome to Canada. Good luck.”

“That was the most great thing I ever heard,” said Lueiza, who provided one of the newcomer success stories during the Diversity Day presentation hosted last week by the local immigration partnerships council with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation.

Lueiza came to Canada four years ago and settled in Timmins. He is now inventory manager with Norex Drilling in Timmins.

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