Hire Immigrants Ottawa Summit Brings Together Partners Involved in Immigrant Employment Solutions

The sixth annual ECC Summit brought together employers, senior executives, civic leaders, representatives from immigrant serving organizations and other stakeholders involved in the integration of skilled immigrants into the workforce. It featured a learning exchange, a networking event and the Employer Excellence Awards ceremony.

By Hire Immigrants Ottawa

The Employer Council of Champions (ECC) hosted its sixth annual Summit on March 5 and 6, 2013, under the theme “Diversity Works! Energize, Engage and Excel with Ottawa’s Global Talent”. During the two-day event, over 200 participants, including business and civic leaders, human resource managers, skilled immigrants and community stakeholders came together to exchange ideas, celebrate employer excellence in Ottawa, and hear from leading experts and practitioners about best practices in managing and leveraging diversity in the labour force.
Throughout the Summit, participants heard many examples of the strategies and best practices being used by local employers to attract and retain diverse talent, and about the resources and supports they are accessing through HIO and other community partners. Speaker and presenters called on employers to:

  • Make diversity part of employee training and orientation programs;
  • Promote mentoring among their employees; and
  • Optimize their talent prospects by broadening their hiring pool to include immigrant talent.

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