Hire Immigrants Ottawa Partners with Feds to Deliver Inclusive Recruitment Workshop

Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Even well-intended employers may be missing opportunities to recruit top talent due to cultural biases and perceptions within the hiring process.

To learn more on this important topic, Hire Immigrants Ottawa, in partnership with the Federal Government’s Racism Free Workplace Strategy, recently held a workshop on Inclusive Recruitment Strategies and Interviewing Techniques.

Fifty participants, including human resource professionals, hiring managers, and other stakeholders from a variety of sectors came together on January 16, 2012, in a highly interactive and fast paced workshop. The workshop was led by Raja Jain of the Racism Free Workplace Strategy, Ontario Region.

The workshop helped to improve participants’ understanding of the negative impacts that cultural biases have on the hiring process.

These biases could include errors of perception that occur because of stereotyping; biases that result from language and accent; or those stemming from broad cultural differences in communication style.

Participants discussed how such biases can hamper the search for best available talent, and learned practical tips for effective cross-cultural communication.

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