Five Ways Companies can Address a Shortage of Skills

Accenture provides employers tips on how to deal with an impending shortage of skilled workers in Canada.

By Gillian Livingston, The Globe and Mail

A looming shortage of skilled workers in Canada has been top of mind for business leaders, who need to figure out how their companies can improve the situation, says Michael Denham, managing director for Accenture in Canada.

Forecasters say more than 500,000 unskilled workers “won’t be able to find work in the next decade – even as 1.5 million job vacancies go unfilled,” Mr. Denham pointed out in a recent speech to the Toronto Board of Trade. “This is a real and serious issue that has the potential to undermine the strength of individual companies, and the broader prosperity of Canada itself.

It’s not, as some would characterize it, simply a case of too many university graduates and not enough pipefitters. The skills shortage cuts across the corporate landscape – from manufacturing and oil and gas, to registered nurses to financial services professionals.”

Recent research done by Accenture, a consulting services firm, shows that 59 per cent of Canadian executives are concerned about the availability of skilled labour their organizations will need over the next two years.

Accenture surveyed executives at 100 Canadian companies about the skills gap and found that only 36 per cent believe they have the right people with the right skills to meet their needs now and over the next two years. The survey’s results echo the findings of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce that the skills crisis is the main barrier to Canada’s competitiveness.

Mr. Denham outlined five strategies companies can deploy to address the skills gap and ensure they have the required staff.

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