Express entry immigration points system revealed before Jan. 1 launch

‘In demand’ immigrants will be in Canada within 6 months

By Susanna Mas, CBC News

With one month left to the launch of a new immigration system that will give skilled immigrants express entry into Canada, the government has made public for the first time the details of the points system it will use to select foreign workers.

While the government is promising the new system will have “in demand” immigrants in Canada within six months, critics have expressed concerns about express entry being akin to a job bank serving government and industry.

Starting Jan. 1, skilled immigrants will be matched with vacant jobs where there are no available Canadian workers. After applying online and registering with the government’s job bank, applicants will be entered into a pool. Only the candidates with the most points will be offered permanent residency.

A maximum of 600 points will be given to skilled immigrants who receive a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer or who have been nominated for immigration by a province or territory.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said these are the ones that will be “picked first,” in a written statement on Monday. He also noted the so-called “first draw” for permanent residency applications is scheduled for the last week of January.

Skilled immigrants will receive up to 1,200 points based on factors in two other categories:

  • A maximum of 500 points will be allotted for what the government is calling “core human capital factors” such as age, education level, language proficiency and work experience in Canada.
  • A maximum of 100 points will be assigned for “skill transferability factors,” which include a combination of education level, foreign work experience and a certificate in the trades.

For instance, a maximum of 110 points will be allotted for age. Only those aged 20 to 29 will receive the maximum points in this category, while those aged 17 and under or 45 and over will obtain zero points.

Similarly, an applicant with the equivalent of a PhD will receive 150 points — the maximum allotted for level of education. Applicants with the equivalent of a high school degree will only receive 30 points.

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