Engineering Firm Offers Facility Tour to Members of Professional Immigrant Networks


George Kelk Corporation (KELK) president Peter Kelk has a history of helping internationally trained engineers.  For years he partnered with ACCES Employment to offer tours of the company to clients and now he’s offering the same opportunity to members of engineering professional immigrant networks.

Peter also sees the potential for business growth in hiring and retaining global talent. The company depends on a highly skilled workforce and benefits from the large immigrant talent pool in the Toronto Region. Peter says that the immigrant engineers he has hired have opened up international markets, which account for 99 per cent of sales.

KELK will hire internationally trained engineers and support them as they work towards their designation. Not surprisingly, 80 per cent of the company’s workforce is comprised of skilled immigrants.

Offering facility tours is a way for the company to help the many internationally trained engineers trying to find jobs in line with their education and experience. In November KELK partnered with TRIEC’s Professional Immigrant Network (PINs) initiative to offer an information session and company tour for nine internationally trained engineers from three networks: the Canadian Colombian Professional Association (CCPA), the Canadian Network of Iraqi Engineers and Architects (CNIEA) and the Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada (AREC).

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