Edmonton’s population tops 817,000, census shows

Edmonton is becoming increasingly diverse and the city is becoming increasingly dependent on immigrants to address labour shortages

By Gemma Karstens-Smith, Edmonton Journal

Edmonton – Edmonton is becoming an increasingly young and diverse city, according to the latest municipal census numbers.

Figures released Friday show the city’s official population was 817,498 as of April 1.

The number has grown by 5,300 people since the federal census in 2011.

Edmonton has had an average annual growth of 12,000 since the last municipal census in 2009, the city reported.

Migration continues to drive the population boom, and newcomers are increasingly coming from abroad, said John Rose, the city’s chief economist.

Nearly 8,000 people who reported living at their address for less than a year in the census said they had moved to Edmonton from outside Canada.

“Edmonton is becoming increasingly dependent on international migrants to help address some of the labour shortages and labour requirements we have here in the city,” Rose said. “It’s bringing a much more cosmopolitan quality to the City of Edmonton.”

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