Diversity is essential in business

ANTVibes Blog

By Jon Visaisouk

Like we haven’t heard that a million times. However, diversity IS essential for most businesses today, and a necessity for survival. Whether your company has thousands of employees or just a few individuals, diversity plays an important role in the actions and decisions your business makes.

Once an underfunded program run to appeal to the public, most diversity programs now grasp a larger understanding of business and the beneficial effects that diversity can have on it.

Pepsi chairman and executive Eric Foss explains about diversity: “It’s not a fad. It’s not an idea of the month. It’s central and it’s linked very directly to the business strategy. That is the case in great times and in more challenging times.”

However, being diverse can cause bumps in the road as well. In any situation where you have people of different ethnicities and preferences coming together, you will have differing opinions, ideas, and societal norms.

Although it can be tough at first, working with a diverse team can bring many different points of view together, and often times offer a more complete, comprehensive picture.

As consumers and clients also become more diverse, it is important your company reflects those diverse values.

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