Conservatives Target Economy With Proposed Immigration Changes

Proposed changes include giving more power to the provinces, setting a minimum language standard, placing greater emphasis on skilled trades, younger workers and credentials that can be recognized more easily.

Global News Montreal

OTTAWA – When it comes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s vision for immigration, it’s all about the economy.

The Conservatives have made it no secret that their government plans to reform the immigration process to better coincide with Canada’s economic needs.

Back in January, Harper told world leaders in Davos, Switzerland, that Canada will be reforming its immigration system.

“We will ensure that, while we respect our humanitarian obligations and family reunification objectives, we make our economic and labour force needs the central goal of our immigration efforts in the future,” he said.

The view was underlined by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney in a speech to the Economic Club of Canada on Monday.

He said with so many people wanting to come to Canada, the country can afford to be picky about who it allows in.

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