Chinese professionals strive for career success in Canada

People’s Daily Online

When Judy Wu moved to Canada in fall 2003 on a student visa, her objective was to join her then- boyfriend, now her husband, who was already studying here.

Almost eight years later, Judy works for one of Canada’s largest banks, a position that makes her the envy of many of her Chinese acquaintances.

Judy, a native of Shandong province, attributes her career growth in Canada to the hard work she put in first improving her English language ability and then earning an MBA from a Canadian university, as well as a stroke of luck in job hunting.

During her last year in the MBA program, a manager from her future employer’s commercial banking unit gave a lecture to the MBA students, and Judy so impressed the manager that she was invited for a job interview right away. After several rounds of interviews at the bank, Judy was offered a job in the commercial banking unit and started working in 2007, a few months after her graduation that summer.

“Unlike many others, my job search was quite smooth,” she reminisced.

Securing a job in banking, a highly respected professional field, is notoriously competitive. Getting into the banking field was a big achievement for a Chinese immigrant looking for her first job in Canada.

Among the more than 100 workers in Judy’s unit, she is the only person originally from China’s mainland. In contrast, many new immigrants have to either switch careers or take entry-level jobs in a field in which they already have had years of experience in their native countries.

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