Canada Urged to Speed Approval of Skilled Immigrants

Ontario Chamber of Commerce says businesses seeking scarce skills wait too long for newcomer processing; Australia does it in just 2 months.

By Nicholas Keung, Toronto Star

Ottawa’s new skilled immigrant selection system must process applicants within two months if Canada hopes to outbid other countries in attracting the world’s best and brightest, warns a new report by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is set to launch the brand new “Expression of Interest” processing system (EOI) in early 2015 to replace the decades-old “first-in, first-out” mechanism for the federal skilled workers program.

Although Alexander says the system could shorten processing time down to six months, the report points out that comparable systems, such as Australia’s, take as little as 58 days to bring in skilled immigrants.

“The speed of the system is the single most important factor in determining whether employers will participate in the EOI system,” said the report to be released Tuesday.

“The Government of Canada has signalled that the EOI system will process applications within approximately six months, from Invitation to Apply to arrival in Canada. That is too long.”

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