Canada Job Grant deeply flawed, report says

By  , Toronto Star

Ottawa’s proposed Canada Job Grant is deeply flawed and should be abandoned, a joint report to be released Monday by two policy think tanks says.

Despite the upbeat TV ads Ottawa is running in support of its new $15,000 a person training program, it’s far from clear the program will deliver the promised results or even get off the ground, says the report co-authored by the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre for Policy Innovation and the Caledon Institute for Social Policy.

“The program will likely deliver inferior results at higher costs compared to the programs under the current Labour Market Agreements,” said Michael Mendelson, a senior researcher at the Caledon Institute and co-author of the report called The Training Wheels Are Off.

“Perhaps most troubling is the fact that there is little evidence to suggest that the Canada Job Grant would help train workers to fill positions where there are actual job shortages,” Mendelson added.

Furthermore, by imposing the program without consultation, Ottawa threatens to reverse a long-term trend toward greater federal-provincial co-operation on skills training, the report says.

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