Bridging Programs Not Doing Much for Job Seekers in Alberta

Some programs promise job placements for participants but fail to follow through, leaving immigrants to find work on their own.

By Sunita Kaul, Canadian Immigrant

Despite Alberta’s red hot economy and despite undertaking bridging programs, highly educated professionals are not getting jobs.

Scepticism is growing about the ability of immigrant settlement institutes in bridging the gap between the market place and the work force available within the country.

These institutes meanwhile are finding scapegoats in either an unfit immigration policy or in the attitudinal inability of immigrants to meet soft skill requirements.

Alberta’s projected labor shortage of more than 100,000 workers is giving rise to calls for slashing red tape to allow more foreign workers into the province.

However, highly educated immigrants, 63 per cent with university degrees or diplomas from their home countries but unable to get jobs matching their skill sets, worry this will marginalize them further into minimum wage jobs.

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