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50 per cent immigration boost makes ‘complete sense,’ says expert

The number of working-age Canadians for every senior is expected to drop from 4.2 in 2015 to 2.7 in 2030, according to the Department of Finance.

It’s time for action, and new answers, on the global refugee crisis

How do we enable safe, legal pathways to meet the mobility demand? How do we enable refugees to be productive, contributing members of their new communities upon arrival?

Skilled immigrants wasting their talents in Canada

“We have a tendency to compare them to Canadians and say, ‘Oh, they don’t speak as good English,’ instead of thinking, ‘Oh, they speak multiple languages. How is that an advantage for my business?’

The Refugee Crisis and EU integration: The Need for a Fine Balancing Act

The EU needs to view the refugee crisis as an opportunity.

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About High-Skilled Immigrants

Facts about high-skilled immigrants that give a sense of the overlooked benefits and contributions of immigrants.

Immigrant Contributions to Ohio Are Highlighted in New Study

In 2014 Ohio’s nearly half a million immigrants earned $15.6 billion, or just over 5 percent of the state’s total.

Integral to Canada’s economy, immigrants deserve more support

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that immigration and citizenship have never been, at their core, linked to money.

Syrian refugees benefit from driving test in Arabic

New Brunswick allows Arabic translators on road test to help ease transition for newcomers to province.

When it comes to innovation, Canada’s biggest challenge may be Canadians

Weak demographics is an obstacle to Canadian innovation. Immigration can help, but Canada needs to work harder to attract international talent.

The Secret of Immigrant Genius

Having your world turned upside down sparks creative thinking.

After Escaping Communism and Pirates, This Entrepreneur Has Google-Size Ambitions

In 1978, Christopher Nguyen escaped Vietnam on a refugee boat. Today, he’s the founder of Adatao, a red-hot big-data startup. Here’s how he got from there to here.

Want to Get Richer? Accept Refugees

A new Bloomberg survey of economists predicts that Germany, the biggest recipient of Syrian asylum seekers in the Western world, will get a 0.2 percent boost to its economic output next year if it takes in 800,000 refugees in 2015; that would be 12.5 percent of Germany’s expected 2016 growth.

Religious minorities in France face bias in hiring, new study finds

A practising Muslim man is four times less likely to get a job interview in France than a Catholic counterpart, according to a new study by the Institut Montaigne.

Net Benefits: How to Understand the Economic Impact of Migration

To understand the economic stakes in Europe’s refugee crisis, start in an unlikely place: the South Pacific island of Tonga.

Canadian province of Nova Scotia seeks ‘entrepreneur’ immigrants with 2 new streams

The Nova Scotia government is creating two new immigration streams aimed at attracting foreigners with money to invest.

Flush with jobs — and potential workers — Germany is stymied by this cultural quirk

“Life is too short to learn German,” quipped Mark Twain. Now the German language is turning out to be more than just the butt of jokes. In a country desperately in need of workers, it is proving to be a stumbling block that prevents German companies from taking advantage of the flood of new arrivals.

Silicon Valley Group Hits Back at Trump’s Immigration Plan

A group representing tech executives including Facebook Inc. founder Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates has hit back at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to curb work visas for skilled foreign employees.

Migrant networks and trade: The Vietnamese boat people as a natural experiment

The share of US exports going to Vietnam over the period 1995-2010 was higher and more diversified in those states with larger Vietnamese populations, themselves the result of larger refugee inflows two decades beforehand.

Does the U.S. need more immigrant workers?

A recent poll found that approximately 60 percent of respondents believe the U.S. economy needs, and would benefit from, legal immigrants being admitted via a visa program to do physically-demanding, low-skilled work.

Discrimination and poor job prospects hit children of immigrants

The OECD finds youth with immigrant parents experience nearly 50% more unemployment in the European Union than those with native-born parents.

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Actually, Immigration Can Create Jobs

Put more simply—if 1,000 new immigrants were to move in, the local economy would end up gaining about 1,200 new jobs. The researchers refer to this increased demand effect as a “shot-in-the-arm” for the local economy.