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Employers Taking Action: Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda

The Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda first convened in December 2015 to address employment challenges for Syrian newcomers. After a year since the roundtable of committed employers, service providers and government members first convened, read more about our early outcomes, and the experience of one Syrian newcomer.

It’s time for action, and new answers, on the global refugee crisis

How do we enable safe, legal pathways to meet the mobility demand? How do we enable refugees to be productive, contributing members of their new communities upon arrival?

Our Immigrants, Our Strength

Investing in the integration of refugees and immigrants is not only the right thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do.

The Refugee Crisis and EU integration: The Need for a Fine Balancing Act

The EU needs to view the refugee crisis as an opportunity.

Syrian refugee women are building a hot new catering company

These three women are set to open a community-funded catering company called Karam Kitchen.

Refugees don’t want handouts: they want jobs

Job creation in refugee camps isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Vancouver tech company offers paid internships for Syrian refugees

“We were looking for talent anyway; why don’t we consider hiring people from Syria?”

Syrian refugee chef will showcase Middle Eastern flavours at Wakefield food festival

Syrian refugee is set to be one of 11 vendors at the first Fairbairn Food Festival in Wakefield.

Program planned to help Syrian refugees work in agriculture

Canada’s commitment to welcome Syrian refugee families, provides an opportunity to add new life into the farming sector.

How Finland is Turning the Refugee Crisis Into a Brain Gain

Finland based NGO Startup Refugees is offering asylum seekers the support necessary to launch their startups.

The role of the private sector in alleviating the refugee crisis

A coordinated response would contribute in ways that benefit businesses, refugees, and host societies alike.

The Syrian who’s aiming to get refugees jobs in Berlin’s booming tech scene

For English-speaking refugees, the IT sector can offer a shortcut into the labour market as many offices work internationally and don’t require employees to speak German.

Integral to Canada’s economy, immigrants deserve more support

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that immigration and citizenship have never been, at their core, linked to money.

New platform seeks to match skilled refugees with SA companies looking for new ideas

Australian entrepreneurs develop platform to help skilled refugees get experience in their preferred sector and companies benefit from their innovative thinking.

Syrian refugees benefit from driving test in Arabic

New Brunswick allows Arabic translators on road test to help ease transition for newcomers to province.

Meet the immigrant CEO welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada with jobs

Mohammed Fakih is welcoming Syrian refugees the best way he knows how: by hiring them at Paramount Fine Foods restaurants across Ontario.

Newcomer Job Fair hosted by ACCES Employment with TRIEC

You’re invited to participate as an Employer in a Job Fair hosted by ACCES Employment in collaboration with TRIEC for: Highly Skilled Professionals Newcomers to Canada (including Syrian Newcomers).

Syrian refugees launch own food business months after coming to Canada

Syrian refugees in Fredericton launched their very own business just months after arriving in Canada.

Refugees Work: A humanitarian investment that yields economic dividends

Investing one euro in welcoming refugees can yield nearly two euros in economic benefits within five years.

The Code to Refugee Employment

Leave it to the high-tech startup community to tackle the issue of refugee employment in new, innovative ways.

Montreal Factory Gives Syrian Refugees Jobs, Tips To Integrate

A factory in Montreal employs immigrants from conflict zones around the world. They earn money for their families but also learn life skills and are paid to take French lessons.

Getting Started: Finding Meaningful Work for Refugees in Canada

Syrian refugees are arriving in Canada and many will be quickly looking for work. These resources are for refugees and those looking to support them in their job search.

Refugees are enterprising and tech-savvy, research finds

There’s a buzzing economy within refugee settlement camps, say Oxford researchers.

After Escaping Communism and Pirates, This Entrepreneur Has Google-Size Ambitions

In 1978, Christopher Nguyen escaped Vietnam on a refugee boat. Today, he’s the founder of Adatao, a red-hot big-data startup. Here’s how he got from there to here.

Maple Leaf Foods offers to hire Syrian refugees at plants in Manitoba, Alberta

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is offering to hire Syrian refugees to fill vacant jobs at two of its meat plants.

RBC provides $2.5 million in support of Syrian refugees and other newcomers arriving in Canada

The funds will be used towards settlement, skills development, and employment readiness to assist in achieving successful social and economic integration.

Immigrants, refugees get training from builder in New Hamburg

Just Working Construction provides on-the-job training and support to Canadian newcomers

Just Bread: Transforming women refugees’ lives, one slice at a time

A Refugee Council baking project is giving its students the skills and confidence needed to find work in the UK.

Vancity to offer interest-free loans for upgrades to house Syrian refugees

Vancity Credit Union is offering interest-free seven-year loans to its members who are upgrading their homes to house Syrian refugees.

Want to Get Richer? Accept Refugees

A new Bloomberg survey of economists predicts that Germany, the biggest recipient of Syrian asylum seekers in the Western world, will get a 0.2 percent boost to its economic output next year if it takes in 800,000 refugees in 2015; that would be 12.5 percent of Germany’s expected 2016 growth.

Vienna Hotel Run By Refugees Integrates Newcomers Into Europe’s Workforce

Europeans worry that the asylum-seekers who have flooded the continent this year will struggle to integrate and find work. A Vienna hotel is showing that newcomers can succeed.

Wind Mobile offering free phones, service to Syrian refugees

Wind Mobile is teaming up with a local group to assist Syrian refugee families in their transition to life in Canada with free cell phones and service.

What business leaders are doing about the refugee crisis

Finding themselves filling a non-traditional role, companies are responding with innovative ways to support newcomers.

Guelph businessman funds 50 Syrian refugee families

Guelph entrepreneur Jim Estill is donating money to sponsor 50 Syrian refugee families expected to begin arriving in Guelph over the next two months. His financial sponsorship could reach $1.5 million.

A London bakery offers refugee women a way into work

Charities team up with local business to generate jobs for newcomer refugees

Flush with jobs — and potential workers — Germany is stymied by this cultural quirk

“Life is too short to learn German,” quipped Mark Twain. Now the German language is turning out to be more than just the butt of jokes. In a country desperately in need of workers, it is proving to be a stumbling block that prevents German companies from taking advantage of the flood of new arrivals.

Why some German universities will educate refugees for free

While affordable tuition for undocumented immigrants is a remote prospect in some parts of the United States, about 60 German universities are pushing forward a radical strategy: They are offering refugees the chance to attend courses as guest students, without charging any tuition fees.

Migrant networks and trade: The Vietnamese boat people as a natural experiment

The share of US exports going to Vietnam over the period 1995-2010 was higher and more diversified in those states with larger Vietnamese populations, themselves the result of larger refugee inflows two decades beforehand.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada honours Safeway Operations, Sobeys Inc. for leadership role in hiring refugees

Safeway Operations, Sobeys Inc. is being recognized for its leadership role in improving the employment outcomes of refugees in the City of Calgary.