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Asian job seekers face disadvantage even when they have higher degrees, study finds

Canadian study found job applicants with Asian names and a master’s degree got fewer interview requests than counterparts with Anglo-Canadian names and only a bachelor’s degree.

Should you change your name to get a job?

The extreme measures some people take to fight hiring bias might surprise you. But some say it’s the only way.

Overeducated and underpaid? How to address mal-employment

Immigrant mal-employment alone costs an estimated $20 billion in foregone earnings and is a significant contributor to the gap in productivity between Canada and the United States.

The Fed’s striking lack of diversity and why it matters

Diversity of leadership strengthens the institution’s legitimacy, a key goal of the Federal Reserve System, given its inherent need to take politically unpopular actions.

Languages are major obstacles for immigrants trying to get ahead professionally

Research conducted in 2013 suggests that 64 per cent of immigrants in Quebec are overqualified for the work they do.

How Diversity Of Thought Makes A Difference

Maintaining or creating diversity of thought can’t come last, but often it does. 41% of Fortune 1000 respondents said they’re “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives.

Innovation Driver: Making the Business Case for Diversity

Companies have a bottom-line incentive to promote policies that encourage diversity—increasingly seen as a tool to spur innovation.

Diversity Policies Rarely Make Companies Fairer

Are diversity policies working? In terms of increasing demographic diversity, the answer appears to be not really. Effective policies require well-crafted messages and accountability.

Religious minorities in France face bias in hiring, new study finds

A practising Muslim man is four times less likely to get a job interview in France than a Catholic counterpart, according to a new study by the Institut Montaigne.

Exclusive interview: BLG’s first ever diversity director

Last week, Borden Ladner Gervais created its very first national director of diversity and inclusion. HRM Canada spoke to Laleh Moshiri about the new post and direction.

Flush with jobs — and potential workers — Germany is stymied by this cultural quirk

“Life is too short to learn German,” quipped Mark Twain. Now the German language is turning out to be more than just the butt of jokes. In a country desperately in need of workers, it is proving to be a stumbling block that prevents German companies from taking advantage of the flood of new arrivals.

People with racially diverse friend groups are more productive

Do you know what your employees’ friend circles are like? A new study published in Organization Sciencefound that employees with more racially diverse friend networks were more likely to go beyond their roles to help the company.

Why you should be actively seeking a diverse workforce

With a vast number of nationalities, languages and cultures, the workforce is already inherently diverse.

New etip: Brokering Success for New Canadians

Learn how governments can “broker success” in the job market for newcomers.

New etip: Smart Business: Two Ideas to Tap into Newcomer Markets

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

New Video: Focusing on Diversity Leads to Growth and Innovation at RBC

Hiring immigrant talent is an essential pipeline of growth for Canadian businesses.

New Video: RBC Finds that Paying Attention to Newcomers is Smart Business

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

New Ryerson-Maytree initiative set to advance the inclusion of immigrants and visible minorities

hireimmigrants find new home at the Ryerson Maytree Global Diversity Exchange.

New Success Story: Enbridge Lays Down the Pipelines for Immigrant Talent to Succeed

Enbridge has long been deliberate about creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace, making it an employer of choice for immigrant talent.

New etip: Chaplaincy Supports Employee Morale

Program results in a more engaged workforce, lower turnover and higher productivity.

New eTip – Three Ideas to Gain a Competitive Edge this Summer

Reflect on what some companies are doing to attract and retain the best talent.

Business Leaders Call on Ottawa to Reverse ‘Alarming Slide’ in Skills Training

Report says only the federal government can lead and create a national education and skills training strategy

New etip: Three Steps to Start a Successful Employee Resource Group

Groups foster personal and professional development.

Embracing Diversity Good for the Soul – and Business – says TD Bank CEO

Being on the right side of history is a positive.

RBC’s Zabeen Hirji to Receive 2014 Catalyst Canada Honour for Championing Women and Minorities in Business

Leader and supporter of diversity for growth and innovation.

Diversity is Right Course

On most days the Star falls short of producing a newspaper and website that looks like the Toronto we see when we walk our streets.

It’s Not Enough to Want a Diverse Workforce; You Have to Create One

Canadian companies are realizing the strategic importance of a diverse workforce.

New Success Story: New Canadians Help Each Other and all Staff to Succeed at RBC

Employee resource group fosters success through networking, peer coaching and mentoring.

New etip: Overcoming Biases to Succeed

Tips to minimize the negative impacts of hidden biases in managing immigrant talent.

TRIEC e-lert June 2014

Latest immigrant employment news from the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

Free Cross-Cultural Competency Training for Employers – Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Learn cross-cultural competency skills, tools and strategies for adapting your workplace for a diverse employee base.

New Success Story: Using a Diversity Lens Helps Scotiabank Succeed

Bank uses a variety of opportunities to tap into immigrant talent and therefore grow their business.

New Etip: Adding Value to Paid Internships

Providing added-value supports to an intern’s experience benefits everyone.

Supporting Immigrant Employment Contributes to Prosperity in the GTA: TRIEC Immigrant Success Award Winners Show How

TRIEC and RBC recognize the winners of the 8th Annual Immigrant Success (IS) Awards – organizations and individuals who are helping employers do just that to the advantage of employers, immigrants and the region as a whole.

New Webinar – Low Risk, Big Return: Using Paid Internships to Recruit Skilled Immigrant Talent

Learn about Career Edge’s program and its innovative partnership with RBC on supporting business clients of the bank to access internationally trained talent.

Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Recognizing individuals and organizations who are forward-thinking champions of immigrant economic integration. Nomination deadline is May 6, 2014

Hire Immigrants Ottawa 2014 Employer Excellence Awards

Congratulations to TD Bank and various individuals for their leadership in championing immigrant employment in the Ottawa Region.

Guelph-Wellington Immigration Partnership Employer Toolkit Now Available

Toolkit provides resources, quick-reference tips, and checklists for incorporating inclusive practices in your hiring activities and human resource practices.

New HRPA Program Helps Ontario Reduce the Outflow of Highly Skilled Internationally Educated

Cultural competency training program helps organizations to become more culturally inclusive and more effectively hire, on-board and develop diverse talent.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Find out what your legal duties are and how you can implement practical strategies in your workplace from our expert panel in our new webinar.

The Year’s Most Inspiring Workplace Inclusiveness Stories: Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2014 Announced

Recognizing initiatives from leading employers that attract and retain employees from diverse communities across Canada including our employer champions RBC, CIBC, Dentons, E&Y, KMPG, Telus and TD.

RBC is Recognized as One of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2014

Bank acknowledged for its initiatives to attract, develop and retain a diversity of employees.

New Workshop: Are You Culturally Competent? Leading Diversity and Inclusiveness in Your Workplace

ERIEC presents a free workshop where you can learn how to leverage and maximize global talent to improve your company’s productivity.

Register now for the Edmonton Global Talent Conference 2014

Develop your leadership skills in managing immigrant talent.

OCISO and RBC to provide targeted career support for internationally trained professionals

Program will provide mentoring support to skilled immigrants looking for work within the financial sector.

2014 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards opens call for nominations

Awards program looking for the most inspiring immigrants including business leaders from all across Canada.

Deadline for TRIEC’s 8th Annual Immigrant Success Awards Extended to January 15, 2013

Awards recognize GTA companies and individual leaders who champion immigrant employment.

IEC-BC Mentoring Program Connects Employers with Job-Ready Immigrant Talent

TELUS signs on as an employer mentoring partner, joining the City of Vancouver.

Mentoring Provides a Warm Welcome for Newcomers to Toronto

The Mentoring Partnership’s 2013 Recognition Reception celebrates the City of Toronto for mentoring over 1000 skilled immigrants

Hire Immigrants Ottawa – 2014 Employer Excellence Awards: Call for Entries

Recognizing local employers for their innovative and exemplary HR policies and practices in managing immigrant talent.

Ontario Presents Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Ontario is recognizing the first ever recipients of the Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment, for their role in championing diversity and supporting jobs in their communities.

Workplace Diversity: ‘To Win in Your Market, You Need to Hire the Market’

Once considered primarily an issue of social responsibility, a growing number of organizations including RBC have embraced workplace diversity as the range of benefits – both financial and non-financial – have become more clear.

Eight Tips to Increase Diversity

Most progressive companies embrace the notion of diversity. The difficulty is in making it work – ensuring all people feel welcome within the organization, and have a chance to rise to the level their abilities allow.

Surrey Board of Trade Wins Gold for Employer Innovation Fund Program at Canadian Chamber Competition

Employer focused program assists SMEs in the Surrey region in integrating immigrants into their labour pool.

TRIEC 2003-2013: Building a Better Future

Exploring the Toronto Region’s journey over the past ten years which includes engaging employers in meaningful opportunities

Pathways to Employment: Strengthening the Immigrant Connection

Workforce Planning Hamilton will be releasing their latest employer research project and launch their new mentoring program for skilled immigrants on September 26, 2013. Register now!

Ontario to Recognize Immigration Employment Leaders

New award program will demonstrate to businesses the advantages of hiring skilled immigrants.

The Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Award recognizes individuals and organizations who are forward-thinking champions of immigrant economic integration.

Ontario Collaborating with Employers to Improve Opportunities for Immigrants

New award for employers showcases leadership in integration, recruitment & retention of immigrants in Ontario.

Employees Keen on Volunteering Opportunities

One-quarter would be more likely to get involved if encouraged by employer.

Embracing the New Demographic

L’Oréal Canada recognizes that diversity can be a key driver of the company’s growth.

Statistics Canada: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada

New data released from the 2011 National Household Survey highlight the changes unfolding in Canadian society.

More Than One-Fifth of Canadians are Foreign-Born: National Household Survey

The first release of data from the 2011 National Household Survey offers a snapshot of a modern Canada that is changing in both cultural makeup and religious beliefs.

One on One: Helping Newcomers Land a Job

New research shows mentoring can dramatically improve the employment prospects of immigrants and sharply boost their incomes.

Skilled immigrants critical to innovation; savvy GTA employers tap into this talent pool

TRIEC and RBC recognize top employers who are leading the way in integrating skilled immigrant talent in the Greater Toronto Region labour market at the 7th Annual Immigrant Success (IS) Awards

Mentoring reduces immigrant unemployment, boosts earnings

Matching skilled immigrants with Canadians in the same fields helps newcomers build professional networks and boost their career prospects, a new study finds.

The Results Are in – Mentoring Skilled Immigrants Works!

A new report from ALLIES-Accenture confirms the positive impact of mentoring on skilled immigrants and the Canadian economy.

The List: Best Employers for New Canadians for 2013

Recognizing the nation’s best employers for recent immigrants.

Celebrating Canada’s Best Employers for New Canadians 2013

Recognizing the nation’s best employers for recent immigrants.

More Employers Adopt Good Immigrant Employment Practices

A new report from ALLIES highlights successful practices used by employers and provides several recommendations on how they can lead their peers to innovate and implement immigrant employment solutions.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa Summit Brings Together Partners Involved in Immigrant Employment Solutions

Summit brought together employers, senior executives, civic leaders, representatives from immigrant serving organizations and other stakeholders involved in the integration of skilled immigrants into the workforce.

Congratulations to the 2013 Hire Immigrants Ottawa Employer Excellence Award Recipients

Kivuto Solutions Inc. and Bridgehead were presented with the awards at the 2013 Employer Council of Champions (ECC) Summit.

IEC-BC awards $1.4 million to help employers attract and integrate skilled immigrants

Employer Innovation Fund will support 11 employer-led projects to help BC employers, business, industry and sectoral organizations develop new ways to attract, hire and integrate new skilled immigrants.

At these Firms, Inclusion and Diversity Matters

The 2013 winners of the Canada’s Best Diversity Employers competition were announced today, recognizing the nation’s most progressive organizations in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces including Accenture and William Osler Health System.

2013 Leaders in Diversity & Inclusion Recognized

Annual competition sponsored by BMO Financial Group recognizes Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

How You Can Use to Improve Managing Immigrant Talent

With the start of the New Year, it is a good time to review what was most popular on and how you can use these resources to improve your work for the coming year.

Cross-Cultural Competency Training for Employers

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is offering complimentary cross-cultural competency training sessions for employers, managers and human resources staff.

Maximizing the Potential of Newly Hired Immigrants

As organizations look to build their employment ranks, new Canadians are becoming an increasingly integral part of the business landscape. By Denise Deveau, Financial Post The shortage of labour on all fronts — from engineers to bricklayers — is in […]

January is Mentoring Month

Becoming a mentor can enhance your leadership and coaching skills while employers gain access to a skilled talent pool.

Missed Opportunity for Economic Growth in the GTA: First Ever Study on Supplier Diversity

The report, Supplier Diversity in the GTA: Business Case and Best Practices, finds that most organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are not actively seeking to spend money with companies owned by visible minorities.

Immigrant Employment Council of BC Accepting Applications for New Employer Innovation Fund

Apply now: funding initiative will assist BC employers, business associations and industry and sectoral organizations to attract, hire and retain skilled new immigrants.

It’s Talent, Not Canadian Work Experience, That Counts

Ottawa-based Pythian has built a strong reputation by focusing on securing the best global talent available and sharing their experiences with other Ottawa employers to foster diversity and inclusion.

Jumping the Diversity Hurdles

The TRIEC Campus contains training videos, discussion guides and learning modules aimed at helping corporate executives learn how to search for, attract and retain skilled immigrants.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa – 2013 Employer Excellence Awards Call for Entries

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is accepting entries for the 2013 Employer Excellence Awards from employers in the National Capital Region.

‘Stuffing the Pipeline’ can be a Disadvantage to Minorities

The inclusion of women and visible minorities gets sticky is the pipeline to the top, as programs designed to promote inclusiveness face challenges.

New Resource to Help Build Workplaces Inclusive of Skilled Immigrants

TRIEC launches new online learning hub for employers, HR leaders, community partners and immigrants

Leveraging Diversity is Smart Business

Living its value of ‘diversity for growth and innovation’, RBC has recognized the valuable skills and experience newcomers bring to businesses like theirs in the Halifax Region.

Looking for Leaders: Nominations Open for TRIEC’s 7th Annual Immigrant Success Awards

Each year, TRIEC presents the IS Awards to recognize innovation and leadership in integrating skilled immigrants into the Greater Toronto Region labour market.

Making the Case for Employers to Tap into the Talents of Skilled Immigrants – a New Series

The business case for hiring skilled immigrant talent is clear to many of us. But it isn’t yet to everyone. That’s why we created

The More Diverse a Board, the Better It Works: Report

Benefits of a diverse board include greater effectiveness, improved stakeholder relationships and fresh perspectives on decision-making.

6 Great Blogs for Diversity Recruiters

These sources will help recruiters with diversity hiring objectives stay informed, engaged, and potentially a step ahead of the competition.

IEC-BC Report Calls for Greater Employer Involvement in Matching Workforce Needs with Immigrant Talent

The report, based on consultations with employers across the province, has 30 recommendations for public policy and programs to help employers leverage immigrants’ skills and experiences.

Employers Honoured For Hiring Skilled Immigrants

Maxxam Analytics’ co-op program for skilled immigrants garnered the Mississauga-based company an Immigrant Success award, which recognizes leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

TRIEC and RBC Announce Winners of 6th Annual Immigrant Success Awards

TRIEC’s Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region.

Still Time to Nominate an Employer for Edmonton RISE Awards

April 20 is the deadline to nominate Edmonton employers who are committed to hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

Why Some Immigrants Leave Canada

40 per cent of immigrants who entered Canada in the skilled worker or business class left Canada within 10 years. Reasons for leaving include better job prospects or caring for family members in their country of origin.

Congratulations to the 2012 Employer Excellence Award Recipients

Hire Immigrants Ottawa recognizes Pythian and Algonquin College for their outstanding practices in the retention of skilled immigrants.

Bosses Need to Step Up Diversity Programs, Say New Canadians

A new survey of internationally educated professionals finds diversity policies aren’t working, despite employers believing they have been successful.

Multicultural Leadership Starts from Within

Multicultural organizational skills are as much of a competitive advantage as other elements of business strategy. Managers can grow these skills in the workforce by recruiting diverse candidates and including multicultural elements in leadership training.

Helping Newcomers Network Successfully in the Canadian Workplace

A Q&A with Lionel Laroche, whose firm teaches individuals and employers — large and small — the cultural communication skills needed to be successful in a diverse workplace.

Promises and Challenges for Immigrant Employment in 2012

In 2012, various stakeholders will need to collaborate and be innovative to ensure immigrants find jobs commensurate with their skills and experience.

January is Mentoring Month

Mentors of skilled immigrants gain personal and professional satisfaction, with 30 per cent of mentors in the Toronto area committing to mentor again.

Diversity is essential in business

In an increasingly diverse working world, a new tool helps employees ensure others will know how to pronounce their names properly.

Canadians Are Leaders in Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is a ‘must have’ skill for all employees in a multicultural society.

Quebec Workplaces Are the Least Diverse In Canada: Study

Study finds the more diverse your workplace, the more accepting you will be of diversity in other areas of life.

Diversity? YESS please.

Immigrants face multiple barriers at non-profits but cultural awareness training and other easy initiatives can remove these barriers.

DiverseCity onBoard Receives United Nations ‘Intercultural Innovation Award’

United Nations award recognizes innovative projects that promote dialogue and inter-cultural understanding.

Last Call for IS Awards Applications and Nominations

The deadline for IS Award nominations and applications is Dec. 1.

Global Talent Local Business: Kingston’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

This publication highlights immigrant entrepreneurs in Kingston, Ont., who have a long history of building local businesses and the economy.

It’s Never about the Awards, But They Sure Look Pretty

Why the Canadian HR Reporter Individual Achievement Award continues to motivate winner to do more to help skilled immigrants.

Looking For Leaders: TRIEC Calls For 6th Annual Immigrant Success Awards Entries

Awards recognize recruiting, integrating and leveraging skilled immigrant talent

Immigrant Workers Less Likely to Receive Job-Related Training: StatsCan

35% of Canadian-born men and 37% of Canadian-born women received job training, compared with 31% of immigrant men and 33 per cent of immigrant women.

RISE Employer Awards Highlight Local Best Practices

The RISE Employer Awards recognize employer excellence and immigrant success through best practice diversity management initiatives within the Edmonton region.

The pressure to smooth an accent in the workplace

‘Accent smoothing’ courses help employees improve communication and gain confidence.

Many faces

Corporate leaders talk about the benefits of diversity as well as its challenges, such as leadership issues and recognizing immigrants’ skills.

Proposed Cape Breton Regional Municipality policy aims to advance diversity in workplace

Employment equity policy for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality will be used as a tool to advance “diversity and competence” in its workforce.

Chinese professionals strive for career success in Canada

Chinese immigrants cite language, cultural affinity and networking as key to career success in Canada.

Religion in the Workplace

With suitable precautions in mind, religious differences in the workplace should be accommodated and even celebrated by employers.

Program Helps A New Wave Of Irish Immigrants Transition To Montreal

The Canadian government has increased quotas in its working holiday program with Ireland and a new Montreal group is helping Irish immigrants make the most of Montreal.

2010 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2010 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

2009 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2009 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

2008 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2008 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.