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Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

Interacting with two or more cultural contexts can help immigrants combine diverse ideas, solutions, and customer problems in order to create something entirely new.

Syrian refugee women are building a hot new catering company

These three women are set to open a community-funded catering company called Karam Kitchen.

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About High-Skilled Immigrants

Facts about high-skilled immigrants that give a sense of the overlooked benefits and contributions of immigrants.

Refugees don’t want handouts: they want jobs

Job creation in refugee camps isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Canada 150 Series: Our next generation of entrepreneurs..

Canada 150 series with Dave McKay, President & CEO of RBC, and a panel of leading young digital entrepreneurs.

Syrian refugee chef will showcase Middle Eastern flavours at Wakefield food festival

Syrian refugee is set to be one of 11 vendors at the first Fairbairn Food Festival in Wakefield.

How Finland is Turning the Refugee Crisis Into a Brain Gain

Finland based NGO Startup Refugees is offering asylum seekers the support necessary to launch their startups.

How Immigrants are Building Midwestern Boom Towns

Communities like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, across the Midwest can thank immigrants for contributing to their new status as “boom” towns and first-place rankings on pro-business indexes.

Startups and immigration: Myths, lies and half-truths

For the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to work at an early-stage company or start their own company, it is important to comprehend the myths, lies and half-truths of immigration policy.

New platform seeks to match skilled refugees with SA companies looking for new ideas

Australian entrepreneurs develop platform to help skilled refugees get experience in their preferred sector and companies benefit from their innovative thinking.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Past and Present

“If no one wants to hire, hire yourself.”

Syrian refugees launch own food business months after coming to Canada

Syrian refugees in Fredericton launched their very own business just months after arriving in Canada.

Event: Newcomer start-ups: Building a successful business

Are you a newcomer entrepreneur or a newcomer considering entrepreneurship? Join The Immigrant Café on March 22, 2016 at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, to learn about the road to success and the programs and supports available to help you on your journey!

Refugees are enterprising and tech-savvy, research finds

There’s a buzzing economy within refugee settlement camps, say Oxford researchers.

A London bakery offers refugee women a way into work

Charities team up with local business to generate jobs for newcomer refugees

Explaining Chinese Restaurants, Korean Dry Cleaning, and Indian Motels

A recent report from the National Bureau of Economic Research attempts to explain the phenomenon of the concentration of certain ethnicities in certain industries.

Canadian province of Nova Scotia seeks ‘entrepreneur’ immigrants with 2 new streams

The Nova Scotia government is creating two new immigration streams aimed at attracting foreigners with money to invest.

The narrow chance immigrant entrepreneurs have at breaking through

Immigrant entrepreneurs embody the essence of the American Dream—the idea that it’s possible for anyone to succeed, regardless of where they come from. Yet for the majority of immigrant entrepreneurs, it’s difficult to get a visa, obtain funding, and enter the elite networks that make successful ventures work.

The most common surnames of new entrepreneurs in Italy are Hu, Chen, and Singh

According to data collected by the chamber of commerce, the most common surnames of new entrepreneurs creating jobs in seven of the country’s biggest regions are not Italian.

Understanding BC’s new PNP Entrepreneur Program

On July 2, 2015 the BC PNP program re-opened their business immigration category for entrepreneurial applicants. You will score points for the dollar value of what you propose to invest in BC.

Trading Abroad for Entrepreneurs Workshop Aug 20

The “Trading Abroad for Entrepreneurs” workshop, hosted by the Global Diversity Exchange at Ted Rogers School of Management and RBC Royal Bank, features expert insight on the essentials of trading abroad. Learn about economic challenges and opportunities both domestically and globally to help you pick the right market, some best practices on how to respond to obstacles you may face, and how to prepare financially to enable your business for success.

Square pegs: Entrepreneurs don’t fit within U.S. visa categories

The United States doesn’t offer a startup visa that specifically allows entrepreneurs who meet certain requirements to come to or remain in the country.

Immigrant entrepreneurs launch over one in four new businesses

While immigrants make up around 13 percent of the U.S. population, they play an outsize role in entrepreneurship and business formation relative to their overall numbers.

Canada is an emerging hot spot for high-impact female entrepreneurs

The time is now for women to break through as business leaders as their potential contribution the Canadian economy is significant.

Alice Chung: Health store powerhouse

Alice Chung, owner of Alive Health Centre in Vancouver, is the first recipient of the RBC Entrepreneur Award for excellence in entrepreneurship.