Employers Taking Action: Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda

The Syrian Refugees Jobs Agenda first convened in December 2015 to address employment challenges for Syrian newcomers. After a year since the roundtable of committed employers, service providers and government members first convened, read more about our early outcomes, and the experience of one Syrian newcomer.

Ottawa pilots ‘name-blind’ recruitment to reduce ‘unconscious bias’ in hiring

Six federal ministries and departments will remove information revealing an applicant’s race and ethnicity from the application and resume to stop hiring biases against minority candidates. Read more.

Asian job seekers face disadvantage even when they have higher degrees, study finds

Canadian study found job applicants with Asian names and a master’s degree got fewer interview requests than counterparts with Anglo-Canadian names and only a bachelor’s degree.

Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

Interacting with two or more cultural contexts can help immigrants combine diverse ideas, solutions, and customer problems in order to create something entirely new.

Rural Ontario looks to immigrants as jobs go unfilled

What appeal could quiet, rural Wellington County possibly hold for people from foreign countries?

50 per cent immigration boost makes ‘complete sense,’ says expert

The number of working-age Canadians for every senior is expected to drop from 4.2 in 2015 to 2.7 in 2030, according to the Department of Finance.

Hire Immigrants Embarks on New Partnership with Magnet at Ryerson University

We are pleased to announce that Hire Immigrants is joining the Magnet network.

It’s time for action, and new answers, on the global refugee crisis

How do we enable safe, legal pathways to meet the mobility demand? How do we enable refugees to be productive, contributing members of their new communities upon arrival?

Our Immigrants, Our Strength

Investing in the integration of refugees and immigrants is not only the right thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do.

Canada faces big questions about the future of immigration

Just because a job doesn’t require a university degree doesn’t mean the people who do it aren’t bringing value to the Canadian economy.

Skilled immigrants wasting their talents in Canada

“We have a tendency to compare them to Canadians and say, ‘Oh, they don’t speak as good English,’ instead of thinking, ‘Oh, they speak multiple languages. How is that an advantage for my business?’

Should you change your name to get a job?

The extreme measures some people take to fight hiring bias might surprise you. But some say it’s the only way.

Overeducated and underpaid? How to address mal-employment

Immigrant mal-employment alone costs an estimated $20 billion in foregone earnings and is a significant contributor to the gap in productivity between Canada and the United States.

Intel’s fixing its diversity problem by doing more than just hiring

“We are at our best when we draw on the talents of all parts of our society, and our greatest accomplishments are achieved when diverse perspectives are brought to bear to overcome our greatest challenges.”

The Refugee Crisis and EU integration: The Need for a Fine Balancing Act

The EU needs to view the refugee crisis as an opportunity.

RBC introduces in-branch video interpretation app

RBC has rolled out a language app that lets bank customers visiting branches talk to qualified interpreters over a video link.

Newcomers work at finding a job

Winnipeg’s population is expected to top one million in 25 years mainly because of immigration, and an event in the city next week aims to line up hundreds of newcomers with jobs.

Syrian refugee women are building a hot new catering company

These three women are set to open a community-funded catering company called Karam Kitchen.

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About High-Skilled Immigrants

Facts about high-skilled immigrants that give a sense of the overlooked benefits and contributions of immigrants.

Refugees don’t want handouts: they want jobs

Job creation in refugee camps isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Vancouver tech company offers paid internships for Syrian refugees

“We were looking for talent anyway; why don’t we consider hiring people from Syria?”

Canada 150 Series: Our next generation of entrepreneurs..

Canada 150 series with Dave McKay, President & CEO of RBC, and a panel of leading young digital entrepreneurs.

6 charts which show the employment barriers faced by British Muslims

Unemployment rates among Muslims are more than double that of any other community in the UK.

Syrian refugee chef will showcase Middle Eastern flavours at Wakefield food festival

Syrian refugee is set to be one of 11 vendors at the first Fairbairn Food Festival in Wakefield.

Immigrant Contributions to Ohio Are Highlighted in New Study

In 2014 Ohio’s nearly half a million immigrants earned $15.6 billion, or just over 5 percent of the state’s total.

Program planned to help Syrian refugees work in agriculture

Canada’s commitment to welcome Syrian refugee families, provides an opportunity to add new life into the farming sector.

How Finland is Turning the Refugee Crisis Into a Brain Gain

Finland based NGO Startup Refugees is offering asylum seekers the support necessary to launch their startups.

The Fed’s striking lack of diversity and why it matters

Diversity of leadership strengthens the institution’s legitimacy, a key goal of the Federal Reserve System, given its inherent need to take politically unpopular actions.

The role of the private sector in alleviating the refugee crisis

A coordinated response would contribute in ways that benefit businesses, refugees, and host societies alike.

The Syrian who’s aiming to get refugees jobs in Berlin’s booming tech scene

For English-speaking refugees, the IT sector can offer a shortcut into the labour market as many offices work internationally and don’t require employees to speak German.

Integral to Canada’s economy, immigrants deserve more support

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that immigration and citizenship have never been, at their core, linked to money.

How Immigrants are Building Midwestern Boom Towns

Communities like Sioux Falls, South Dakota, across the Midwest can thank immigrants for contributing to their new status as “boom” towns and first-place rankings on pro-business indexes.

Many refugees in Germany lack training or education: report

Germany’s largest companies aren’t hiring refugees that lack training or education, but small and medium-sized companies that make up the German economy are.

Startups and immigration: Myths, lies and half-truths

For the aspiring entrepreneur who wants to work at an early-stage company or start their own company, it is important to comprehend the myths, lies and half-truths of immigration policy.

New platform seeks to match skilled refugees with SA companies looking for new ideas

Australian entrepreneurs develop platform to help skilled refugees get experience in their preferred sector and companies benefit from their innovative thinking.

Why Subtle Bias Is So Often Worse than Blatant Discrimination

Subtle bias is more dangerous , stressful and common than overt discrimination. The negative effects build and accumulate at a rapid pace.

We Just Can’t Handle Diversity

Diversity improves performance, and people who apply themselves and do good work should be treated fairly.

Syrian refugees benefit from driving test in Arabic

New Brunswick allows Arabic translators on road test to help ease transition for newcomers to province.

When it comes to innovation, Canada’s biggest challenge may be Canadians

Weak demographics is an obstacle to Canadian innovation. Immigration can help, but Canada needs to work harder to attract international talent.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Past and Present

“If no one wants to hire, hire yourself.”

Meet the immigrant CEO welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada with jobs

Mohammed Fakih is welcoming Syrian refugees the best way he knows how: by hiring them at Paramount Fine Foods restaurants across Ontario.

Newcomer Job Fair hosted by ACCES Employment with TRIEC

You’re invited to participate as an Employer in a Job Fair hosted by ACCES Employment in collaboration with TRIEC for: Highly Skilled Professionals Newcomers to Canada (including Syrian Newcomers).

Languages are major obstacles for immigrants trying to get ahead professionally

Research conducted in 2013 suggests that 64 per cent of immigrants in Quebec are overqualified for the work they do.

How Diversity Of Thought Makes A Difference

Maintaining or creating diversity of thought can’t come last, but often it does. 41% of Fortune 1000 respondents said they’re “too busy” to implement diversity initiatives.

Syrian refugees launch own food business months after coming to Canada

Syrian refugees in Fredericton launched their very own business just months after arriving in Canada.

Refugees Work: A humanitarian investment that yields economic dividends

Investing one euro in welcoming refugees can yield nearly two euros in economic benefits within five years.

Stop making these excuses for the lack of diversity at your company

The results are in. They’ve been in for so long, so consistently, that they’ve become old news: diverse teams outperform.

Event: Newcomer start-ups: Building a successful business

Are you a newcomer entrepreneur or a newcomer considering entrepreneurship? Join The Immigrant Café on March 22, 2016 at MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, to learn about the road to success and the programs and supports available to help you on your journey!

Innovation Driver: Making the Business Case for Diversity

Companies have a bottom-line incentive to promote policies that encourage diversity—increasingly seen as a tool to spur innovation.

Talent Competition: Cities in Global Tug-of-War

“Cities are looking at who are the next generation of workers in their midst and who they can attract, and retain, from other places.”—Audrey Singer, Brookings Institution

Why Diversity Never Comes to Some Workplaces

With so much on the line, why do so many firms still struggle with a lack of gender, race or age diversity within their ranks?

Immigrants Are Assets For Innovation

Economist Vijay K. Mathur discusses the impact of immigrants on innovation and productivity. Immigrants are risk takers, an essential ingredient for innovations.

The Code to Refugee Employment

Leave it to the high-tech startup community to tackle the issue of refugee employment in new, innovative ways.

The Conference Board of Canada presents Canadian Immigration Summit 2016: Creating Tomorrow’s Immigration System

Hire Immigrants and The Conference Board of Canada would like to invite you to attend the Canadian Immigration Summit 2016 on April 4-5, 2016 in Ottawa at a reduced price!

Montreal Factory Gives Syrian Refugees Jobs, Tips To Integrate

A factory in Montreal employs immigrants from conflict zones around the world. They earn money for their families but also learn life skills and are paid to take French lessons.

Brains Without Borders

As Australia and Canada seek to attract more foreign students, America and Britain could lose out.

CVS Health Announces Strategic Partnerships with Multicultural Nursing Associations

CVS Health today announced partnerships with two multicultural organizations as part of an ongoing commitment to develop a diverse workforce that reflects the patients and communities it serves.

The Secret of Immigrant Genius

Having your world turned upside down sparks creative thinking.

Why We Need to Stop Talking about ‘Foreign’ Student

Officially, they’re “international” or “overseas” students. But academics and the wider world too often refer to them in the pejorative as “foreign” students.

Diversity Policies Rarely Make Companies Fairer

Are diversity policies working? In terms of increasing demographic diversity, the answer appears to be not really. Effective policies require well-crafted messages and accountability.

Getting Started: Finding Meaningful Work for Refugees in Canada

Syrian refugees are arriving in Canada and many will be quickly looking for work. These resources are for refugees and those looking to support them in their job search.

Diversity – Why it Matters, and Why Most Organisations Must do Better

Research shows that few organisations are as meritocratic as they would like to believe. The class, ethnicity and gender of most senior people in those organisations bear testimony to that.

Refugees are enterprising and tech-savvy, research finds

There’s a buzzing economy within refugee settlement camps, say Oxford researchers.

After Escaping Communism and Pirates, This Entrepreneur Has Google-Size Ambitions

In 1978, Christopher Nguyen escaped Vietnam on a refugee boat. Today, he’s the founder of Adatao, a red-hot big-data startup. Here’s how he got from there to here.

Diversity at work: hiring ‘the best person for the job’ isn’t enough

Unconscious bias and a tendency to hire in their own image can lead managers to bring in the wrong candidate for their team

Maple Leaf Foods offers to hire Syrian refugees at plants in Manitoba, Alberta

Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is offering to hire Syrian refugees to fill vacant jobs at two of its meat plants.

RBC provides $2.5 million in support of Syrian refugees and other newcomers arriving in Canada

The funds will be used towards settlement, skills development, and employment readiness to assist in achieving successful social and economic integration.

Diversity Makes You Brighter

By disrupting conformity, racial and ethnic diversity prompts people to scrutinize facts, think more deeply and develop their own opinions. Research shows that such diversity actually benefits everyone, minorities and majority alike.

Immigrants, refugees get training from builder in New Hamburg

Just Working Construction provides on-the-job training and support to Canadian newcomers

Just Bread: Transforming women refugees’ lives, one slice at a time

A Refugee Council baking project is giving its students the skills and confidence needed to find work in the UK.

Vancity to offer interest-free loans for upgrades to house Syrian refugees

Vancity Credit Union is offering interest-free seven-year loans to its members who are upgrading their homes to house Syrian refugees.

Diversity: It’s good for your brain

Why the trouble embracing diversity? People who don’t “fit in” mess with the mind’s model of how the world works, and if there’s one thing we’ve gleaned from 100 years of psychological science, it’s that the mind hates uncertainty, writes Richard Crisp.

Want to Get Richer? Accept Refugees

A new Bloomberg survey of economists predicts that Germany, the biggest recipient of Syrian asylum seekers in the Western world, will get a 0.2 percent boost to its economic output next year if it takes in 800,000 refugees in 2015; that would be 12.5 percent of Germany’s expected 2016 growth.

Vienna Hotel Run By Refugees Integrates Newcomers Into Europe’s Workforce

Europeans worry that the asylum-seekers who have flooded the continent this year will struggle to integrate and find work. A Vienna hotel is showing that newcomers can succeed.

Wind Mobile offering free phones, service to Syrian refugees

Wind Mobile is teaming up with a local group to assist Syrian refugee families in their transition to life in Canada with free cell phones and service.

The Economist Global Diversity List recognizes Ratna Omidvar and the Global Diversity Exchange

The Economist Global Diversity List is a comprehensive guide to organizations and individuals who are at the forefront of promoting diversity in human resources policy and practice. Ratna Omidvar and the Global Diversity Exchange are recognized in three separate categories.

Employers of Influence: Winners of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition for 2016 are announced

Canada’s Top 100 Employers collectively employ almost three-quarters of a million Canadians, but their influence on the nation’s employment practices and working conditions extends far beyond.

No names, no bias?

Ten big employers in the public and private sectors—including the civil service, HSBC and Deloitte—have agreed to start recruiting on a “name-blind” basis in Britain. But do they work?

What business leaders are doing about the refugee crisis

Finding themselves filling a non-traditional role, companies are responding with innovative ways to support newcomers.

Guelph businessman funds 50 Syrian refugee families

Guelph entrepreneur Jim Estill is donating money to sponsor 50 Syrian refugee families expected to begin arriving in Guelph over the next two months. His financial sponsorship could reach $1.5 million.

Religious minorities in France face bias in hiring, new study finds

A practising Muslim man is four times less likely to get a job interview in France than a Catholic counterpart, according to a new study by the Institut Montaigne.

Exclusive interview: BLG’s first ever diversity director

Last week, Borden Ladner Gervais created its very first national director of diversity and inclusion. HRM Canada spoke to Laleh Moshiri about the new post and direction.

The US should fix immigration and patents or kiss its innovation edge goodbye

Some say the US is losing its innovation edge. The fear is that industrial and technological advancements in other countries—and in China in particular—threaten to leave the US behind.

A London bakery offers refugee women a way into work

Charities team up with local business to generate jobs for newcomer refugees

British universities won’t be able to see applicants’ names anymore

From 2017, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service in the United Kingdom will remove names from university applications.

Explaining Chinese Restaurants, Korean Dry Cleaning, and Indian Motels

A recent report from the National Bureau of Economic Research attempts to explain the phenomenon of the concentration of certain ethnicities in certain industries.

Net Benefits: How to Understand the Economic Impact of Migration

To understand the economic stakes in Europe’s refugee crisis, start in an unlikely place: the South Pacific island of Tonga.

Canadian province of Nova Scotia seeks ‘entrepreneur’ immigrants with 2 new streams

The Nova Scotia government is creating two new immigration streams aimed at attracting foreigners with money to invest.

Flush with jobs — and potential workers — Germany is stymied by this cultural quirk

“Life is too short to learn German,” quipped Mark Twain. Now the German language is turning out to be more than just the butt of jokes. In a country desperately in need of workers, it is proving to be a stumbling block that prevents German companies from taking advantage of the flood of new arrivals.

People with racially diverse friend groups are more productive

Do you know what your employees’ friend circles are like? A new study published in Organization Sciencefound that employees with more racially diverse friend networks were more likely to go beyond their roles to help the company.

The narrow chance immigrant entrepreneurs have at breaking through

Immigrant entrepreneurs embody the essence of the American Dream—the idea that it’s possible for anyone to succeed, regardless of where they come from. Yet for the majority of immigrant entrepreneurs, it’s difficult to get a visa, obtain funding, and enter the elite networks that make successful ventures work.

The most common surnames of new entrepreneurs in Italy are Hu, Chen, and Singh

According to data collected by the chamber of commerce, the most common surnames of new entrepreneurs creating jobs in seven of the country’s biggest regions are not Italian.

How Startups Are Using Tech To Try And Fight Workplace Bias

We all harbor biases — subconsciously, at least. We may automatically associate men with law enforcement work, for example, or women with children and family. In the workplace, these biases can affect managers’ hiring and promotion decisions.

Why building a diverse work force is worth the effort

Fostering diversity in the work force is more than just a noble and altruistic goal, it’s a bottom-line imperative for any company planning for growth.

Why some German universities will educate refugees for free

While affordable tuition for undocumented immigrants is a remote prospect in some parts of the United States, about 60 German universities are pushing forward a radical strategy: They are offering refugees the chance to attend courses as guest students, without charging any tuition fees.

Diversity Makes You Smarter

There are lots of good, bleeding-heart reasons to value diversity, to see it as a noble end in and of itself. But there are some very practical reasons to seek it out, too, as a new article in Perspective on Psychological Science points out.

Silicon Valley Group Hits Back at Trump’s Immigration Plan

A group representing tech executives including Facebook Inc. founder Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates has hit back at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposal to curb work visas for skilled foreign employees.

Understanding BC’s new PNP Entrepreneur Program

On July 2, 2015 the BC PNP program re-opened their business immigration category for entrepreneurial applicants. You will score points for the dollar value of what you propose to invest in BC.

Trading Abroad for Entrepreneurs Workshop Aug 20

The “Trading Abroad for Entrepreneurs” workshop, hosted by the Global Diversity Exchange at Ted Rogers School of Management and RBC Royal Bank, features expert insight on the essentials of trading abroad. Learn about economic challenges and opportunities both domestically and globally to help you pick the right market, some best practices on how to respond to obstacles you may face, and how to prepare financially to enable your business for success.

Migrant networks and trade: The Vietnamese boat people as a natural experiment

The share of US exports going to Vietnam over the period 1995-2010 was higher and more diversified in those states with larger Vietnamese populations, themselves the result of larger refugee inflows two decades beforehand.

Five Trends Driving Workplace Diversity In 2015

Often criticized in the past as well-intentioned but stagnant, corporate diversity departments at major organizations have never been so visible.

Does the U.S. need more immigrant workers?

A recent poll found that approximately 60 percent of respondents believe the U.S. economy needs, and would benefit from, legal immigrants being admitted via a visa program to do physically-demanding, low-skilled work.

How can we solve the global refugee crisis?

Could multinational corporations hold the key to solving the world’s refugee crisis?

Why you should be actively seeking a diverse workforce

With a vast number of nationalities, languages and cultures, the workforce is already inherently diverse.

Square pegs: Entrepreneurs don’t fit within U.S. visa categories

The United States doesn’t offer a startup visa that specifically allows entrepreneurs who meet certain requirements to come to or remain in the country.

Five reasons why diversity and inclusion matter to every business – and every employee

The evidence speaks for itself – and so does the everyday experience of businesses across the world.

Immigrant entrepreneurs launch over one in four new businesses

While immigrants make up around 13 percent of the U.S. population, they play an outsize role in entrepreneurship and business formation relative to their overall numbers.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada honours Safeway Operations, Sobeys Inc. for leadership role in hiring refugees

Safeway Operations, Sobeys Inc. is being recognized for its leadership role in improving the employment outcomes of refugees in the City of Calgary.

Canada is an emerging hot spot for high-impact female entrepreneurs

The time is now for women to break through as business leaders as their potential contribution the Canadian economy is significant.

Alice Chung: Health store powerhouse

Alice Chung, owner of Alive Health Centre in Vancouver, is the first recipient of the RBC Entrepreneur Award for excellence in entrepreneurship.

White House task force releases recommendations on immigration

A White House task force on immigration released an “initial strategic plan” last week to help strengthen existing pathways to naturalization and promote entrepreneurial growth.

Countries with more migrants better at integrating them, OECD study finds

Countries with larger migrant populations are paradoxically better at absorbing them into the workforce, a groundbreaking new report on integration within the world’s richest countries has revealed.

New tool for local governments on migrant entrepreneurship

The DELI Assessment Tool aims to assist local governments to make an inventory of local policies and practices in support of migrant entrepreneurship and to measure performance against a set of Management Standards.

Discrimination and poor job prospects hit children of immigrants

The OECD finds youth with immigrant parents experience nearly 50% more unemployment in the European Union than those with native-born parents.

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Actually, Immigration Can Create Jobs

Put more simply—if 1,000 new immigrants were to move in, the local economy would end up gaining about 1,200 new jobs. The researchers refer to this increased demand effect as a “shot-in-the-arm” for the local economy.

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New etip: Brokering Success for New Canadians

Learn how governments can “broker success” in the job market for newcomers.

Express entry immigration points system revealed before Jan. 1 launch

‘In demand’ immigrants will be in Canada within 6 months

Getting Ready to Launch Express Entry

In-demand immigrants’ applications will be processed in six months or less according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

New etip: Boosting Employment in the Public Sector

Learn how governments can tap into immigrant talent.

Attracting skilled immigrants – Preparing for the launch of Express Entry

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander speaks about how, with the launch of Express Entry in 2015, Canada will be able to attract skilled immigrants who are most likely to succeed.

Register for New Webinar: Government as Employer of Skilled Immigrants

Join us for the release of the new report by Wayland Consulting.

New etip: Smart Business: Two Ideas to Tap into Newcomer Markets

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

New Video: Focusing on Diversity Leads to Growth and Innovation at RBC

Hiring immigrant talent is an essential pipeline of growth for Canadian businesses.

Canada one of the World’s Most Popular Destinations for Job Seekers

Canada is already reliant on immigrants as the key source of its labour force growth and that importance will only increase as the population ages, people retire and birth rates stay low.

New Tutorials Available to Help Employers Hire New Canadians

A series of free online tutorials have been developed to help small to medium-sized businesses struggling to fill job vacancies attract and hire skilled immigrants who are living in BC.

New Video: RBC Finds that Paying Attention to Newcomers is Smart Business

To boost a company’s productivity and growth, businesses should focus on understanding the needs of newcomer customers and immigrant entrepreneurs.

New Video: Looking Beyond the Resume: Tips on Assessing an International Candidate

The resume is just one assessment tool in the recruitment process.

New Ryerson-Maytree initiative set to advance the inclusion of immigrants and visible minorities

hireimmigrants find new home at the Ryerson Maytree Global Diversity Exchange.

Career Edge and NACC Partner to Help Skilled Newcomers Join Canada’s Workforce

Helping immigrants re-launching their careers in Canada.

New Success Story: Enbridge Lays Down the Pipelines for Immigrant Talent to Succeed

Enbridge has long been deliberate about creating an inclusive and welcoming workplace, making it an employer of choice for immigrant talent.

Government of Canada Helps New Canadians get Jobs Faster

Funding will support over 30 projects to help address barriers to foreign credential recognition for skilled newcomers in BC.

Unemployment’s up for Canada’s most Educated Immigrants

Unemployment levels for recent immigrants with university degrees hit their highest point since June, 2010 last month.

New etip: Chaplaincy Supports Employee Morale

Program results in a more engaged workforce, lower turnover and higher productivity.

Government of Canada Helps More Skilled Newcomers Get Jobs in Their Fields Faster

Recognizing 10 new occupations, including welders, carpenters and electricians, to improve foreign-credential recognition.

ICTC Webinar: Hiring Immigrants Through Express Entry

Learn more about the new system for economic integration.

New eTip – Three Ideas to Gain a Competitive Edge this Summer

Reflect on what some companies are doing to attract and retain the best talent.

Business Leaders Call on Ottawa to Reverse ‘Alarming Slide’ in Skills Training

Report says only the federal government can lead and create a national education and skills training strategy

Skills-training Program in B.C. Aims to Curtail a Coming Jobs Crisis

Convergence of aging demographic and new opportunities for growth needs needs to be addressed.

Only Half of International Medical Grads in Canada Work as Doctors

Intense competition for residency positions has some foreign-trained doctors working as taxi drivers and in gas stations.

Four Changes to the TFW Program that would help Canadian Businesses

Improvements to the employment services system would help employers more easily fill positions.

New etip: Three Steps to Start a Successful Employee Resource Group

Groups foster personal and professional development.

Embracing Diversity Good for the Soul – and Business – says TD Bank CEO

Being on the right side of history is a positive.

The RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants of 2014 Announced

Recognizing newcomers including many business owners who have made a strong contribution to Canada.

Government of Canada Overhauls Temporary Foreign Worker Program Ensuring Canadians

Employment and Social Development and Citizenship and Immigration announce a comprehensive overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Ottawa Unveils Sweeping Changes to Foreign-workers Program

Changes include splitting the program into two and imposing a long list of measures aimed at reducing its use for low-wage positions.

RBC’s Zabeen Hirji to Receive 2014 Catalyst Canada Honour for Championing Women and Minorities in Business

Leader and supporter of diversity for growth and innovation.

Diversity is Right Course

On most days the Star falls short of producing a newspaper and website that looks like the Toronto we see when we walk our streets.

It’s Not Enough to Want a Diverse Workforce; You Have to Create One

Canadian companies are realizing the strategic importance of a diverse workforce.

New Success Story: New Canadians Help Each Other and all Staff to Succeed at RBC

Employee resource group fosters success through networking, peer coaching and mentoring.

Skilled Immigrants Recruited in 50 Occupations Ahead of ‘Express Entry’ Launch

Canada will offer ‘express entry’ to skilled immigrants starting on Jan. 1, 2015.

New etip: Overcoming Biases to Succeed

Tips to minimize the negative impacts of hidden biases in managing immigrant talent.

TRIEC e-lert June 2014

Latest immigrant employment news from the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council.

Free Cross-Cultural Competency Training for Employers – Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Learn cross-cultural competency skills, tools and strategies for adapting your workplace for a diverse employee base.

New Success Story: Using a Diversity Lens Helps Scotiabank Succeed

Bank uses a variety of opportunities to tap into immigrant talent and therefore grow their business.

Cultivating a Sustainable Future

Career Edge Achievement Awards celebrate successes in socio-economic sustainability.

New Etip: Adding Value to Paid Internships

Providing added-value supports to an intern’s experience benefits everyone.

Canada Must See Immigration as a Competitive Edge

Gordon Nixon, CEO of RBC, argues diversity, together with inclusion, plays a central role in driving productivity, innovation and growth.

Supporting Immigrant Employment Contributes to Prosperity in the GTA: TRIEC Immigrant Success Award Winners Show How

TRIEC and RBC recognize the winners of the 8th Annual Immigrant Success (IS) Awards – organizations and individuals who are helping employers do just that to the advantage of employers, immigrants and the region as a whole.

IEC-BC HR Tip Sheets to Support Managing Immigrant Talent

Five tip sheets provide resources to make it easy for you to attract, hire and retain skilled immigrants.

New Webinar – Low Risk, Big Return: Using Paid Internships to Recruit Skilled Immigrant Talent

Learn about Career Edge’s program and its innovative partnership with RBC on supporting business clients of the bank to access internationally trained talent.

New OHRC Webinar: Removing the Canadian Experience Barrier

Learn how you can implement effective hiring practices that discounts “Canadian experience”.

Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Recognizing individuals and organizations who are forward-thinking champions of immigrant economic integration. Nomination deadline is May 6, 2014

The Immigrant Experience in Canada: New Policies, New Economy, New Realities

A one-day conference presented by the RBC Chair in Applied Social Work Research and the RBC Chair in Public and Economic Policy at the University of Toronto.

Conference Board of Canada – Canadian Immigration Conference 2014: Enhancing Canada’s Immigration System

Exploring the future of immigration, and how we can enhance our immigration system to help address advanced skills, talent and competitiveness challenges facing organizations.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa 2014 Employer Excellence Awards

Congratulations to TD Bank and various individuals for their leadership in championing immigrant employment in the Ottawa Region.

Workforce Planning Hamilton 2014 Hire Learning Survey: The Complete Series of Results

Collecting Hamilton’s real-time local labour market information.

Canada’s Socio-Economic Sustainability at Risk

2014 is set to mark the beginning of the Baby Boomer exodus from the workforce, so just who will fill Canada’s growing skills gap?

Educated Immigrants having Difficulties Accessing High-Skill Occupations

Although recent immigrants are much more likely to have university degrees than earlier immigrants, lower proportions are obtaining high-skilled jobs.

Helping Newcomers Integrate into Canadian Labour Market

Recognizing Innovators for Work in Foreign Credential Recognition

New Event – Looking to Hire? Put a World of Experience to Work for You – At No Cost to You

Connect with global talent from the comfort of your own office.

Guelph-Wellington Immigration Partnership Employer Toolkit Now Available

Toolkit provides resources, quick-reference tips, and checklists for incorporating inclusive practices in your hiring activities and human resource practices.

Canada’s Job Market: Everything You Need to Know About the Numbers

Here is how Canada’s job numbers stack up in a detailed breakdown of the country’s labour market.

New HRPA Program Helps Ontario Reduce the Outflow of Highly Skilled Internationally Educated

Cultural competency training program helps organizations to become more culturally inclusive and more effectively hire, on-board and develop diverse talent.

Strengthening Immigration in Ontario

New legislation to help attract more skilled immigrants, boost economic growth.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Accommodating Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Find out what your legal duties are and how you can implement practical strategies in your workplace from our expert panel in our new webinar.

The Year’s Most Inspiring Workplace Inclusiveness Stories: Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2014 Announced

Recognizing initiatives from leading employers that attract and retain employees from diverse communities across Canada including our employer champions RBC, CIBC, Dentons, E&Y, KMPG, Telus and TD.

RBC is Recognized as One of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers for 2014

Bank acknowledged for its initiatives to attract, develop and retain a diversity of employees.

New Workshop: Are You Culturally Competent? Leading Diversity and Inclusiveness in Your Workplace

ERIEC presents a free workshop where you can learn how to leverage and maximize global talent to improve your company’s productivity.

Skilled Immigrant Integration Around the Globe: A Look at What Other Countries Are Doing

How are other countries integrating skilled immigrants into their economies?

Breakfast with RBC’s Gordon Nixon hosted by the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

Mr. Nixon will share his perspectives on the value of a diverse workforce and the role immigration plays in developing an innovative economy.

Skilled Immigrants to be Matched with Vacant Jobs in 2015

New immigration system set to launch in 2015 is being compared to ‘a dating site’.

Register now for the Edmonton Global Talent Conference 2014

Develop your leadership skills in managing immigrant talent.

Seven of 10 Executives Having Trouble Finding the Right Talent

Canadian employers’ top concern is the shortage of skilled workers.

Government of Canada Helps Over 1,000 Newcomers get their Qualifications Recognized and Find Jobs in Canada

Foreign Credential Recognition loans help internationally trained workers put their skills to work faster.

Dentons, Imperial Launch Program for Lawyers from Abroad

Two employers partner to offer a year’s articling position to a internationally-trained lawyer .

OCISO and RBC to provide targeted career support for internationally trained professionals

Program will provide mentoring support to skilled immigrants looking for work within the financial sector.

Plug into Changes in Immigration and Employment Rules

New rules to Temporary Foreign Worker Program have been recently made in the new year.

Immigrant Unemployment: The More Education, the Bigger the Gap

Immigrants still more likely to be out of a job even with a high education.

Canada Urged to Speed Approval of Skilled Immigrants

Ontario Chamber of Commerce says businesses seeking scarce skills wait too long for newcomer processing; Australia does it in just 2 months.

2014 RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards opens call for nominations

Awards program looking for the most inspiring immigrants including business leaders from all across Canada.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Expression of Interest

Learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigrant selection system and how it may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Deadline for TRIEC’s 8th Annual Immigrant Success Awards Extended to January 15, 2013

Awards recognize GTA companies and individual leaders who champion immigrant employment.

IEC-BC Mentoring Program Connects Employers with Job-Ready Immigrant Talent

TELUS signs on as an employer mentoring partner, joining the City of Vancouver.

Mentoring Provides a Warm Welcome for Newcomers to Toronto

The Mentoring Partnership’s 2013 Recognition Reception celebrates the City of Toronto for mentoring over 1000 skilled immigrants

Ryerson University to Launch RBC Immigrant Diversity and Inclusion Project

Donation from RBC opens doors for new research focused on new Canadians

Ottawa to Give Foreign-Trained Nurses Help Getting Credentials Recognized

Projects intended to speed up credential recognition and in some instances will allow foreign-trained nurses to start their assessment process before they even get to Canada.

Minister Kenney Urges Employers to Look to Canadians, Including Newcomers, to Tackle Skills Shortages

New Canadians represent a valuable source of skilled labour from which employers in Canada can recruit.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa – 2014 Employer Excellence Awards: Call for Entries

Recognizing local employers for their innovative and exemplary HR policies and practices in managing immigrant talent.

Ontario Presents Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Ontario is recognizing the first ever recipients of the Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment, for their role in championing diversity and supporting jobs in their communities.

Prince George Online Job Fair to Connect Local Employers with Skilled New Canadians Living in Metro Vancouver

Cost-effective way to connect with potential candidates.

Ottawa’s 2014 Immigration Plan Focuses on Economic Class

Canada is set to launch its “Express of Interest System” to let employers pick skilled immigrants from a pool of pre-screened candidates.

Hands-on Experience Through Internships Can be the Best of Teachers

RBC Career Bridge Associate Host Program gives Canadian employers the opportunity to host high potential, internationally qualified interns to meet their employment needs.

Workplace Diversity: ‘To Win in Your Market, You Need to Hire the Market’

Once considered primarily an issue of social responsibility, a growing number of organizations including RBC have embraced workplace diversity as the range of benefits – both financial and non-financial – have become more clear.

Eight Tips to Increase Diversity

Most progressive companies embrace the notion of diversity. The difficulty is in making it work – ensuring all people feel welcome within the organization, and have a chance to rise to the level their abilities allow.

Surrey Board of Trade Wins Gold for Employer Innovation Fund Program at Canadian Chamber Competition

Employer focused program assists SMEs in the Surrey region in integrating immigrants into their labour pool.

Webinar Recording Now Available: Bias-Free Hiring and Assessment: Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

Learn how you can implement effective hiring practices that discounts “Canadian experience.

Examining the Canadian Experience Requirement

While concerns over using Canadian experience as an employment or accreditation requirement are legitimate, in some cases, such prerequisites are bona fide, Toronto-based employment lawyer Stuart Rudner says in Law Times.

TRIEC 2003-2013: Building a Better Future

Exploring the Toronto Region’s journey over the past ten years which includes engaging employers in meaningful opportunities

Pathways to Employment: Strengthening the Immigrant Connection

Workforce Planning Hamilton will be releasing their latest employer research project and launch their new mentoring program for skilled immigrants on September 26, 2013. Register now!

More Immigration or Bust

Smart communities have figured out that immigrants can give them that edge over the competition.

Ontario to Recognize Immigration Employment Leaders

New award program will demonstrate to businesses the advantages of hiring skilled immigrants.

Immigrant Mentorship Program Offers Solution to Skills Gap

Connecting skilled immigrants with experienced professionals provides experiential guidance on how to find employment in Sarnia.

London Builds a Better Internship

New internship program designed to give valuable work experience to people facing barriers to employment including new Canadians and recent grads.

Webinar Recording & Resources Now Available – Right in your Back Yard: Sourcing Immigrant Talent Faster

Learn about the Ottawa Job Match Network and Hire Immigrants Ottawa on how they support employers sourcing skilled immigrants.

Is “Canadian Experience” Requirement Discriminatory?

Often employers don’t realize that asking for such a requirement is a form of discrimination but there are ways to change HR processes to overcome this barrier to employing skilled immigrants

Not all Internships are Bad

Done well, paid internships break down employment barriers and function as valuable learning experiences.

The Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment

Award recognizes individuals and organizations who are forward-thinking champions of immigrant economic integration.

Remove the “Canadian Experience” Employment Barrier: OHRC

Asking for ‘Canadian experience’ from immigrants may breach Ontario’s human rights code.

Ontario Collaborating with Employers to Improve Opportunities for Immigrants

New award for employers showcases leadership in integration, recruitment & retention of immigrants in Ontario.

Western premiers focus on jobs, economy

Skills training, immigration programs discussed at conference.

Canada Job Grant deeply flawed, report says

New report suggests the proposed $15,000 a person training program should be abandoned.

First Prince George Online Job Fair for New Canadians a Success

Connecting local employers with new Canadians living in Metro Vancouver.

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Webinar: Finding Labour Market Information to Help Address Skills and Human Resource Needs

This webinar will will help you access data to find the skilled workers your business needs.

Employees Keen on Volunteering Opportunities

One-quarter would be more likely to get involved if encouraged by employer.

Join the Ontario Human Rights Commission on July 15: Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier

Requiring “Canadian experience” can create barriers for newcomers looking for jobs or professional accreditation.

Prince George Job Fair Targets New Canadians in Metro Vancouver via Online Job Fair

Connecting local employers with new Canadians living in Metro Vancouver.

CIIMA and Career Edge Partner to Bridge the Careers of Internationally Qualified Accountants

New partnership facilitates and supports internationally qualified CIMA members looking to gain Canadian work experience that is consistent with the skills and experience acquired in their home country.

People Without Jobs — Jobs Without People: Decoding Canada’s ‘Skills Crisis’

Canada has 1.33 million unemployed workers, yet business hired 338,000 temporary foreign workers last year, citing shortages in low-skilled jobs.

Embracing the New Demographic

L’Oréal Canada recognizes that diversity can be a key driver of the company’s growth.

Statistics Canada: Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada

New data released from the 2011 National Household Survey highlight the changes unfolding in Canadian society.

More Than One-Fifth of Canadians are Foreign-Born: National Household Survey

The first release of data from the 2011 National Household Survey offers a snapshot of a modern Canada that is changing in both cultural makeup and religious beliefs.

Government Announces Reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The changes include paying temporary foreign workers the same wages as Canadian workers and the temporary suspension of the Accelerated Labour Market Opinion process.

Five Ways Companies can Address a Shortage of Skills

Accenture provides employers tips on how to deal with an impending shortage of skilled workers in Canada.

Employers Must Take Proactive Approach to Integrating Immigrants

Employers have a responsibility to look for talent within Canada first and to integrate immigrants into their workforce — it’s the necessary thing to do.

Where Canada Stands in the Global Race for Talent

With a growing shortage of skilled workers developed nations and companies within them, including Canada, are looking at various sources for recruitment.

One on One: Helping Newcomers Land a Job

New research shows mentoring can dramatically improve the employment prospects of immigrants and sharply boost their incomes.

Skilled immigrants critical to innovation; savvy GTA employers tap into this talent pool

TRIEC and RBC recognize top employers who are leading the way in integrating skilled immigrant talent in the Greater Toronto Region labour market at the 7th Annual Immigrant Success (IS) Awards

Mentoring reduces immigrant unemployment, boosts earnings

Matching skilled immigrants with Canadians in the same fields helps newcomers build professional networks and boost their career prospects, a new study finds.

The Results Are in – Mentoring Skilled Immigrants Works!

A new report from ALLIES-Accenture confirms the positive impact of mentoring on skilled immigrants and the Canadian economy.

Partnership’s Connector Program Receives IQN Workplace Integration Award

Greater Halifax Partnership’s networking program acknowledged by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

The List: Best Employers for New Canadians for 2013

Recognizing the nation’s best employers for recent immigrants.

Important Federal Skilled Worker Announcements to Be Made in April

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has revealed that three long-awaited announcements regarding the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) will be made sometime in April.

Celebrating Canada’s Best Employers for New Canadians 2013

Recognizing the nation’s best employers for recent immigrants.

More Employers Adopt Good Immigrant Employment Practices

A new report from ALLIES highlights successful practices used by employers and provides several recommendations on how they can lead their peers to innovate and implement immigrant employment solutions.

Change to Offers of Arranged Employment in the Federal Skilled Worker Program

Starting on May 4, 2013, most offers of arranged employment will require a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from HRSDC in support of an FSWP application, instead of an AEO.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa Summit Brings Together Partners Involved in Immigrant Employment Solutions

Summit brought together employers, senior executives, civic leaders, representatives from immigrant serving organizations and other stakeholders involved in the integration of skilled immigrants into the workforce.

Congratulations to the 2013 Hire Immigrants Ottawa Employer Excellence Award Recipients

Kivuto Solutions Inc. and Bridgehead were presented with the awards at the 2013 Employer Council of Champions (ECC) Summit.

Diversity in Management More of a Struggle for Private Companies

Companies that understand and reflect the diversity of Canadian society will do a better job of working with and selling to that society.

IEC-BC awards $1.4 million to help employers attract and integrate skilled immigrants

Employer Innovation Fund will support 11 employer-led projects to help BC employers, business, industry and sectoral organizations develop new ways to attract, hire and integrate new skilled immigrants.

Build a diverse team to achieve global success

Although people with international business experience are high in demand, and smaller entrepreneurial companies might find it challenging to compete for them, there also is a large untapped immigrant population in Canada that might have that background and experience.

At these Firms, Inclusion and Diversity Matters

The 2013 winners of the Canada’s Best Diversity Employers competition were announced today, recognizing the nation’s most progressive organizations in creating diverse and inclusive workplaces including Accenture and William Osler Health System.

2013 Leaders in Diversity & Inclusion Recognized

Annual competition sponsored by BMO Financial Group recognizes Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

Speed Interviewing, Round One: The Digital Industry

The Greater Halifax Partnership brought together IT employers to talk with potential candidates in a speed networking event

How You Can Use to Improve Managing Immigrant Talent

With the start of the New Year, it is a good time to review what was most popular on and how you can use these resources to improve your work for the coming year.

ICTC Webinar – Changes to Canada’s Economic Immigration Programs: Implications for Employers

Join a discussion with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and ICTC to learn more about how changes to the federal immigration policy will affect your business.

Cross-Cultural Competency Training for Employers

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is offering complimentary cross-cultural competency training sessions for employers, managers and human resources staff.

Maximizing the Potential of Newly Hired Immigrants

As organizations look to build their employment ranks, new Canadians are becoming an increasingly integral part of the business landscape. By Denise Deveau, Financial Post The shortage of labour on all fronts — from engineers to bricklayers — is in […]

January is Mentoring Month

Becoming a mentor can enhance your leadership and coaching skills while employers gain access to a skilled talent pool.

Hot Jobs: The Growing Divide in the Labour Market

Dressing for success in today’s job market is as much about steel-toed boots and hard hats as it is about tailored suits.

Immigrants Lag Behind Canadian-born in Job Prospects

Immigrants are less likely to have a job than their Canadian-born counterparts, according to Statistics Canada data recently released.

Recording now Available: Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know

Canada’s immigration system is changing rapidly. The changes will affect the future labour pool and the way you manage skilled immigrant talent. Watch the webinar.

Mismatch in Job Market a Risk to Economy: CIBC

Canadian job seekers are such a square peg for the round hole of available work that there is little hope they’ll ever find employment in their field, even with an economic upswing, according to a new CIBC report.

Missed Opportunity for Economic Growth in the GTA: First Ever Study on Supplier Diversity

The report, Supplier Diversity in the GTA: Business Case and Best Practices, finds that most organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are not actively seeking to spend money with companies owned by visible minorities.

Webinar: Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies – What Employers Need to Know

Register for new webinar and learn more about the changes to Canada’s immigration system and how they may affect your company’s human resources strategy.

Ottawa to Create Skilled Immigrant Pool, Provinces Would Select Applicants Based on Labour Needs

Ottawa has reached a consensus with the provinces to establish a pool of skilled-worker candidates by the end of 2014 that will allow employers to cherry-pick potential immigrants to fill regional labour shortages.

City of Toronto Leads the way with Mentoring Recruitment Program

Staff and residents of the City of Toronto’s Profession to Profession Mentoring Immigrants Program recognized -a joint initiative with TRIEC’s Mentoring Partnership

Immigrant Employment Council of BC Accepting Applications for New Employer Innovation Fund

Apply now: funding initiative will assist BC employers, business associations and industry and sectoral organizations to attract, hire and retain skilled new immigrants.

It’s Talent, Not Canadian Work Experience, That Counts

Ottawa-based Pythian has built a strong reputation by focusing on securing the best global talent available and sharing their experiences with other Ottawa employers to foster diversity and inclusion.

Pilot Project Seeks to Streamline Recruitment of Professionals

Global Talent Connection will help Canadian employers recruit overseas workers who are already in the process of moving to Canada and can help fill a critical need for skilled employees here.

Canada’s Skills Crisis and a Local Solution

The London Chamber of Commerce’s Global Experience @ Work project increased awareness among Chamber members of the need to attract, recruit, hire and retain skilled immigrants and to provides tools and resources to help members.

RBC Foundation Supports Greater Halifax Partnership Initiative to Help Businesses Looking to Hire

The Greater Halifax Partnership’s idea to connect local businesses with new talent through speed-interviewing has been fast tracked thanks to funding from RBC Foundation.

Jumping the Diversity Hurdles

The TRIEC Campus contains training videos, discussion guides and learning modules aimed at helping corporate executives learn how to search for, attract and retain skilled immigrants.

IEC-BC launches new employer-to-employer ad to raise awareness of the business advantage skilled immigrants offer

IEC-BC is launching an employer-to-employer ad to raise awareness of the business advantage skilled immigrants offer.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa – 2013 Employer Excellence Awards Call for Entries

Hire Immigrants Ottawa is accepting entries for the 2013 Employer Excellence Awards from employers in the National Capital Region.

‘Stuffing the Pipeline’ can be a Disadvantage to Minorities

The inclusion of women and visible minorities gets sticky is the pipeline to the top, as programs designed to promote inclusiveness face challenges.

The List: Canada’s Top 100 Employers For 2013

Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2013 were announced and regardless of cost-cutting trends elsewhere, employers continue to provide staff with generous benefits designed to attract and retain the nation’s best talent for the long term.

New Immigrant? Meet Small Business

Bridging program at York University focuses on on encouraging small businesses to hire new Canadians.

Diversity Makes Good Business Sense says TD Bank Boss

Canadian corporations not only have a moral responsibility to embrace diversity in hiring, it makes good business sense.

New Resource to Help Build Workplaces Inclusive of Skilled Immigrants

TRIEC launches new online learning hub for employers, HR leaders, community partners and immigrants

Leveraging Diversity is Smart Business

Living its value of ‘diversity for growth and innovation’, RBC has recognized the valuable skills and experience newcomers bring to businesses like theirs in the Halifax Region.

Looking for Leaders: Nominations Open for TRIEC’s 7th Annual Immigrant Success Awards

Each year, TRIEC presents the IS Awards to recognize innovation and leadership in integrating skilled immigrants into the Greater Toronto Region labour market.

Making the Case for Employers to Tap into the Talents of Skilled Immigrants – a New Series

The business case for hiring skilled immigrant talent is clear to many of us. But it isn’t yet to everyone. That’s why we created

Workshops Help Employers Source, Recruit, Onboard and Retain Immigrant Talent

Workshops use real world examples and case studies from the BC market to support HR practitioners in understanding how to overcome common challenges in recruiting skilled immigrants.

IEC-BC to Launch New Canadian Assessment Resource for Employers

The New Canadian Assessment Resource will be a one-stop, online source for assessing skilled immigrant job candidates.

Canada’s New Immigration Rules put Premium on Young People

New immigration rules will target workers aged 18 to 35 as the Conservative government provides the clearest sense yet of how Canada will rely on young immigrants to soften the fiscal pain of a demographic crunch.

More Changes to Canada’s Immigration Program

On August 17, 2012, the federal government announced changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program. While not a surprise (as changes have been proposed earlier in various forums), their impact will be significant.

Multicultural Canada? There’s a Banking Job for That

As change has become a mantra in the business world, executive responsibilities and job titles are evolving quickly. The Globe and Mail’s Emerging Roles series asks Canadians about how their jobs are changing.

Immigrant Job Program Posts 80 per cent Hire Rate

Skills Connect for Immigrants Program, a three-year-old initiative funded jointly by the federal and BC governments assists newcomers in figuring out the intricacies of a Canadian job search.

Job Programs for Skilled Immigrants get Government Boost

Waterloo Region programs helping skilled immigrants find work in their field receive a $1.68-million provincial funding boost.

Are You Capitalizing on Migrant Labour?

Skilled immigrants are the answer to looming labour shortages and they also connect SMEs to important groups in the community By Caitlin Nobes, HRM Online According to the latest data from Statistics Canada, by 2031 some 80 per cent of […]

Edmonton’s population tops 817,000, census shows

Edmonton is becoming increasingly diverse and the city is becoming increasingly dependent on immigrants to address labour shortages

Aging Workforce an Economic Tsunami-in-Waiting

Canada is about to be hit by a demographic tsunami in slow motion, with profound and lasting effects on our economy and our society.

Hundreds Of Local Immigrants To Benefit From Government Investment

$1.3 million will fund various employment programs in London, Ont., including group mentoring.

Ontario, federal government spend $57 million on immigrant training programs

Bridge training programs provide occupation-specific training and Canadian work experience to help immigrants become licensed in their fields.

Bridging Programs Not Doing Much for Job Seekers in Alberta

Some programs promise job placements for participants but fail to follow through, leaving immigrants to find work on their own.

Stampede to Help Job-Seeking Immigrants

Career-building event to be held on June 21 will provide networking opportunities as well as a history of the Calgary Stampede.

Onboarding and Retaining Immigrant Talent

This interactive workshop in Vancouver on June 26 will provide real-world examples and case studies to help you better onboard and retain skilled immigrant employees. Registration deadline is June 19.

The More Diverse a Board, the Better It Works: Report

Benefits of a diverse board include greater effectiveness, improved stakeholder relationships and fresh perspectives on decision-making.

Thai Workers Flown In to Staff Newfoundland Fish Plant

Labour shortage leads to importation of 20 temporary foreign employees for Bay de Verde facility.

6 Great Blogs for Diversity Recruiters

These sources will help recruiters with diversity hiring objectives stay informed, engaged, and potentially a step ahead of the competition.

Immigrants Continue Their Struggle to Find Good Jobs

Census data shows Vancouver Island’s population is aging and highlights the need to increase the number of skilled immigrants coming to the region.

Providing a ‘Pathway’ for Immigrants

New community-university project aims to help immigrants settle in smaller communities.

Sourcing and Recruiting Immigrant Talent

An interactive workshop in Vancouver on June 14 will help HR professionals and hiring managers better tap into immigrant talent. Register by June 7.

B.C. Needs More Skilled Immigrants Now

New report contains 10 key recommendations to increase the number of skilled immigrants and investors in B.C.

Immigration System Aims To React Fast To Corporate Needs

A roundup of the proposed immigration changes, and their potential impact, announced over the past few months.

Harnessing Immigrant Mobility Means Prosperity for All Canadians

Numerous studies find immigration and economic growth go hand-in-hand.

Private Partners Join Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

CGI and CIBC are partnering with CIC to tap into a pool of job-ready newcomers to fill temporary and permanent positions in their companies.

Canada’s Building Boom Leaves Labour Pool Dry

Construction demand and an aging workforce will create ‘unprecedented demand’ on the labour market, forcing construction firms to tap into non-traditional labour sources including immigrants.

Why Steamwhistle Looked Beyond Canadian Experience and Hired New Immigrants

In this video, Steamwhistle’s HR manager Lorna Wilner talks about why the brewery decided to look beyond Canadian experience when recruiting.

How Networking Helped Prevent an Immigrant Brain Drain in Nova Scotia

Halifax’s Connector program has helped more than 100 newcomers find jobs and is being replicated in 10 other cities across the country.

Why Canada Needs a Flood of Immigrants

The Globe and Mail is publishing an in-depth two-week series on why Canada needs to increase immigration and how to do it. In the first article, Joe Friesen talks about the need to radically increase immigration to fill labour shortages.

Rules Change for Potential Immigrant Families

Saskatchewan is changing its provincial nominee program to limit family category nominees and require them to also have a job offer, as well as provide increased protection for employers.

A Summary of Recent Changes to Canadian Immigration

The rundown of immigration changes includes information on when the change was announced and whether or not it has taken effect.

IEC-BC Report Calls for Greater Employer Involvement in Matching Workforce Needs with Immigrant Talent

The report, based on consultations with employers across the province, has 30 recommendations for public policy and programs to help employers leverage immigrants’ skills and experiences.

Employers Honoured For Hiring Skilled Immigrants

Maxxam Analytics’ co-op program for skilled immigrants garnered the Mississauga-based company an Immigrant Success award, which recognizes leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

TRIEC and RBC Announce Winners of 6th Annual Immigrant Success Awards

TRIEC’s Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region.

Government of Canada Announces a More Efficient and Responsive Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Changes will fast track the process for employers seeking temporary workers for high-skilled and skilled-trades positions and allow them to pay up to 15 per cent below the average wage for an occupation in a specific region.

TRIEC Award Nominee Talks About Value of Immigrant Employees

MELLOWHAWK Logistics, nominated for a TRIEC Immigrant Success Award, believes immigrants, despite a lack of Canadian experience, are an advantage to the firm because of their international experience and connections.

Canada Immigration: Jason Kenney’s Reforms Will See Employers Selecting Newcomers

Proposed immigration reforms will better align Canada’s immigration system with labour market needs and address the skills mismatch, says Minister Kenney.

Feds Propose Expediting Skilled Workers’ Transition from Temporary to Permanent Residence

Changes would allow skilled temporary foreign workers to apply for permanent residence after 12 months of full-time work experience. down from 24 months.

Still Time to Nominate an Employer for Edmonton RISE Awards

April 20 is the deadline to nominate Edmonton employers who are committed to hiring and integrating skilled immigrants.

Language Tests For Immigrant Workers

As of July 1, low-and medium-skilled workers applying to provincial immigration nominee programs will undergo mandatory English or French language testing to be paid by the applicant or his prospective employer.

Why Some Immigrants Leave Canada

40 per cent of immigrants who entered Canada in the skilled worker or business class left Canada within 10 years. Reasons for leaving include better job prospects or caring for family members in their country of origin.

Feds Create New Program To Draw Tradespeople

The new stream for workers in fields such as construction and manufacturing should be set up later this year, says Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Is There A Payoff From Top-Team Diversity?

Between 2008 and 2010, companies with more diverse top teams were also top financial performers.

Global Talent for Small and Medium Enterprises: Finding Solutions

A new report released by ALLIES highlights new ways to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to hire skilled immigrants.

Canada Scraps Some Skilled Immigrant Applications

The federal government will scrap some 300,000 foreign skilled worker applications filed before Feb. 27, 2008, to make the system more efficient and better able to fill gaps in the labour force.

Minister Kenney Proposes To Assess Foreign Education Credentials Before Skilled Workers Arrive

A pre-arrival assessment would let applicants know how their education credentials compare to Canadian credentials and give them a sense of how Canadian employers will value their education.

Myths And Truths About Foreign Credential Evaluation

An employment counsellor explains credential evaluation, different reports and when immigrants should have their credentials assessed.

New Website Touts Collaborative Approach For Addressing Skilled Labour Shortages In Canada

A new online tool pairs candidate skill sets, education and practical experience with the specific needs of Canadian manufacturers and exporters.

Conservatives Target Economy With Proposed Immigration Changes

Proposed changes include giving more power to the provinces, setting a minimum language standard, placing greater emphasis on skilled trades, younger workers and credentials that can be recognized more easily.

Foreign-Educated Accountants Get Free Self-Assessment Tool

A free, online self-assessment will give foreign-educated accountants a preliminary evaluation of their education, a first step to becoming certified in Canada.

Internships Lead To Life-Changing Jobs

Internships are one way winners of the 2012 Best Employers for New Canadians are recruiting and integrating skilled immigrants.

Congratulations to the 2012 Employer Excellence Award Recipients

Hire Immigrants Ottawa recognizes Pythian and Algonquin College for their outstanding practices in the retention of skilled immigrants.

Employers Have Access To More Online Information To Hire Workers

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has revamped its website to include a new section to guide employers to appropriate programs.

Ontario Developing ‘First-ever’ Immigration Strategy

The Ontario government is establishing a roundtable to examine ways immigration can support the province’s economic development and ensure new Ontarians find jobs.

Vital to attract skilled immigrants

While immigration will continue to play a large role in boosting Canada’s economy, it is particularly important to put an emphasis on accepting skilled immigrants, who tend to be the most successful once in Canada.

Bosses Need to Step Up Diversity Programs, Say New Canadians

A new survey of internationally educated professionals finds diversity policies aren’t working, despite employers believing they have been successful.

Professional Networks Help Immigrants Help Themselves

New network of networks builds connections between immigrants, employers and community agencies in the GTA.

Census: Newcomers Drive Population Growth

Immigrants account for two-thirds of Canada’s population growth and this is projected to increase to 80 per cent by 2031, according to StatsCan.

Canada’s Job Crunch Would Ease By Targeting Immigration To Long-Term Labour Needs: TD Bank

Raising the employment rate of immigrants to match the Canadian-born, there would be about 370,000 extra people at work, helping employers fill skill shortages.

Immigrant Drop Imperils Ontario Economy

Ontario attracting fewer immigrants as other provinces use provincial nominee programs to target immigrants, including skilled tradespeople.

Newcomers to fill one-third of B.C. job openings by 2020

B.C. is facing a shortage of 61,500 workers by 2020, but the skilled trades will face shortfall by 2016. Proposed changes to immigration system would bring in more skilled tradespeople.

Changes to Immigration System Will Help Canada Bring In Tradespeople: Kenney

Changing the points system to recognize the skilled trades will help attract workers to fill labour shortages in specific areas.

Immigration Program Useful But Flawed, Kenney Says

Provincial nominee programs are helping provinces and employers fill skilled labour shortages but the minister wants changes to reduce fraud.

Multicultural Leadership Starts from Within

Multicultural organizational skills are as much of a competitive advantage as other elements of business strategy. Managers can grow these skills in the workforce by recruiting diverse candidates and including multicultural elements in leadership training.

Helping Newcomers Network Successfully in the Canadian Workplace

A Q&A with Lionel Laroche, whose firm teaches individuals and employers — large and small — the cultural communication skills needed to be successful in a diverse workplace.

Promises and Challenges for Immigrant Employment in 2012

In 2012, various stakeholders will need to collaborate and be innovative to ensure immigrants find jobs commensurate with their skills and experience.

New Funding Will Attract Foreign Trained Health Workers, Study Best Practises

New program will help foreign-trained health professionals improve their English language skills and obtain Saskatchewan credentials to help fill demand for health-care workers.

N.B., Alberta Poaching Toronto’s Skilled Immigrants

Recruiters from Alberta and N.B. are in Toronto to hire hundreds of new immigrants for jobs in the booming oil, hi-tech and construction industries.

Immigrants Bring Wealth of Work Skills

Manitoba has welcomed 900 African provincial nominee immigrants in the past 4 years, many of whom work at Maple Leaf Foods in Brandon.

Hire Immigrants Ottawa Partners with Feds to Deliver Inclusive Recruitment Workshop

The workshop, delivered by Hire Immigrants Ottawa and the federal government’s Racism Free Workplace Strategy, helped participants understand the negative effect cultural biases have on hiring.

Province-wide Employer Consultations Kick-off in Fort St. John

Initiative is seeking input from B.C. employers about their needs and requirements in attracting, hiring and retaining skilled immigrant talent.

January is Mentoring Month

Mentors of skilled immigrants gain personal and professional satisfaction, with 30 per cent of mentors in the Toronto area committing to mentor again.

Diversity is essential in business

In an increasingly diverse working world, a new tool helps employees ensure others will know how to pronounce their names properly.

Canadians Are Leaders in Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is a ‘must have’ skill for all employees in a multicultural society.

Quebec Workplaces Are the Least Diverse In Canada: Study

Study finds the more diverse your workplace, the more accepting you will be of diversity in other areas of life.

Diversity? YESS please.

Immigrants face multiple barriers at non-profits but cultural awareness training and other easy initiatives can remove these barriers.

Shortchanging Immigrants Costs Canada

An RBC study finds if immigrants’ skills were rewarded in a similar way to that of Canadian-born workers, the increase in their incomes would amount to $30.7-billion — or the equivalent of 2.1% of GDP.

Engineering Firm Offers Facility Tour to Members of Professional Immigrant Networks

More than 80 per cent of KELK’s workforce are skilled immigrants. The tour helps internationally trained engineers trying to find jobs.

Diversity in Workplace Enhances Bottom Line: Study

The more diverse a company’s workforce is, the more loyal, happy and productive its employees tend to be.

DiverseCity onBoard Receives United Nations ‘Intercultural Innovation Award’

United Nations award recognizes innovative projects that promote dialogue and inter-cultural understanding.

Moving Beyond Canadian Experience

Forum brought together academics and corporate leaders to discuss barriers facing immigrants and how companies can better tap into this talent pool.

Feds Partner with IEC-BC in Mentoring Program

Federal government employees from four departments in British Columbia will mentor immigrant professionals through a program led by the Immigrant Employment Council of B.C.

Tapping Into the Immigrant Talent Pool

Maytree’s Ratna Omidvar explains the benefits of hiring immigrants and how small business owners can connect with this rapid-growing segment of the labour market.

Last Call for IS Awards Applications and Nominations

The deadline for IS Award nominations and applications is Dec. 1.

Global Talent Local Business: Kingston’s Immigrant Entrepreneurs

This publication highlights immigrant entrepreneurs in Kingston, Ont., who have a long history of building local businesses and the economy.

Productivity woes aggravated by failure to hire new immigrants

Report from Deloitte says Canada risks losing growing global war for talent.

Immigrants essential, says Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Calgary is a meritocracy with focus on skills, not where you’re from, says Nenshi. Last year, 70 per cent of engineers accredited in Alberta were foreign trained.

Employee turnover on the rise: HR Metrics Service

More employees are resigning and employers are facing key skills shortages

An eight-point plan to get jobs for immigrants

Research project reveals how SMEs can tap into immigrant talent pool.

Getting wise

Mellowhawk Logistics wins small business award for actively hiring new immigrants

It’s Never about the Awards, But They Sure Look Pretty

Why the Canadian HR Reporter Individual Achievement Award continues to motivate winner to do more to help skilled immigrants.

Looking For Leaders: TRIEC Calls For 6th Annual Immigrant Success Awards Entries

Awards recognize recruiting, integrating and leveraging skilled immigrant talent

61,000 New Jobs in September: StatsCan

61,000 new jobs in September, pushing the unemployment rate down to 7.1%

The List: Canada’s Top 100 Employers For 2012

Find out who this year’s Top 100 Employers are and why they were selected.

Helping Immigrant Workers Fit In

Behavioural-based job interviews help mitigate cultural differences and lack of Canadian experience.

MARPAC Opens Doors to Immigrants

Pacific navy offers internships to newcomers.

Ontario Liberals, Tories Spar Over Immigrant Job Plan

Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty pledged to offer tax incentives for businesses to employ skilled immigrants.

Immigrant Workers Less Likely to Receive Job-Related Training: StatsCan

35% of Canadian-born men and 37% of Canadian-born women received job training, compared with 31% of immigrant men and 33 per cent of immigrant women.

Welcoming Qualified Newcomers Is a Sound Economic Strategy

Reducing the number of immigrants is bad economic policy, say Quebec business groups.

Pre-Arrival Orientation Boosts Immigrant Prospects

Four years after the Canadian Immigration Integration Program (CIIP) was launched, 62 per cent of participants found employment in six months, up from 44 per cent before.

Study: Projected Trends to 2031 For The Canadian Labour Force

Labour force growth is slowing and 33% of workers will be foreign-born by 2031, according to StatsCan

Pilot Project Allows TFW Family Members To Work For Any Employer In B.C.

Project aims to attract more working families to the province

Mentors Help Unlock Immigrants’ Potential

Peer-to-peer mentoring program helps immigrants access job market.

Overqualified Immigrants at Risk of Poor Mental Health: Study

Without proper recognition of credential and skills, workers won’t reach their full potential

RISE Employer Awards Highlight Local Best Practices

The RISE Employer Awards recognize employer excellence and immigrant success through best practice diversity management initiatives within the Edmonton region.

Forbes Survey: Workplace Diversity Key to Innovation

Workplace diversity programs have become key to driving innovation among the world’s most prominent businesses, according to a Forbes study.

Make Temporary Foreign Workers Permanent, Urges Alberta

Temporary workers play critical role in Canada’s future economy, says Alberta’s immigration minister

The pressure to smooth an accent in the workplace

‘Accent smoothing’ courses help employees improve communication and gain confidence.

Jason Kenney seeks stakeholder input on immigration issues

Immigration Minister is seeking input from employers, industry groups and immigrant settlement organizations to ensure skilled immigrants succeed economically.

Bridge Training Programs help new Canadians get jobs in their fields

Ontario is investing $8.8 million to renew 12 bridge training programs across the province.

Goodbye Green Gables: Chinese immigrants transforming P.E.I.’s cultural landscape

China has been the chief source of immigration to P.E.I. for the past five years, with nearly 2,400 newcomers arriving between 2006 and 2009 alone.

Newcomers face under-employment challenges: RBC poll

49 per cent of newcomers who have been in Canada for one year or less feel under-employed, according to an RBC poll.

Fast-tracking immigrants leads to jobs, investment

An evaluation of B.C.’s provincial nominee program finds communities and families have benefited from the program through investment, job creation and meeting employers’ demand for skilled workers.

Many faces

Corporate leaders talk about the benefits of diversity as well as its challenges, such as leadership issues and recognizing immigrants’ skills.

Immigration as an asset

Ottawa launches city-wide strategy to attract skilled immigrants and help them successfully integrate.

Proposed Cape Breton Regional Municipality policy aims to advance diversity in workplace

Employment equity policy for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality will be used as a tool to advance “diversity and competence” in its workforce.

Chinese professionals strive for career success in Canada

Chinese immigrants cite language, cultural affinity and networking as key to career success in Canada.

Gearing Up For a New Labour Crunch

Oil sands companies are again set to boost hiring of temporary workers from overseas.

Immigrants Choosing To Locate In Peterborough County

Newcomers will help county address labour shortages, says immigrant integration council.

New Hope for New Residents

There are growing employment opportunities for new Canadians in Timmins, says hospital’s chief HR.

New Tool Helps Construction Connect With Immigrant Workers

New guide book helps employers assess foreign credentials and navigate government programs.

Tapping Canada’s Immigrant Capital

1 in 5 employers have hired a skilled immigrant to help them expand overseas: Survey.

Religion in the Workplace

With suitable precautions in mind, religious differences in the workplace should be accommodated and even celebrated by employers.

Program Helps A New Wave Of Irish Immigrants Transition To Montreal

The Canadian government has increased quotas in its working holiday program with Ireland and a new Montreal group is helping Irish immigrants make the most of Montreal.

Ontario Demands More Immigration Powers To Compete With Manitoba, Quebec, B.C.

Ontario should have more say in selecting “economic class” immigrants, says Premier.

Tech Sector Facing Shortage of Qualified People in Canada

One solution to ICT labour shortage: Integrate more foreign-educated workers into workforce.

Tories Promise Loans To Help Immigrants Upgrade Skills, Get Credentials

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is promising federal loans to help new immigrants upgrade their job skills and obtain the credentials to work in the country.

2010 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2010 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

2009 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2009 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

2008 IS Award Winners

TRIEC’s 2008 Immigrant Success (IS) Awards recognize leadership and innovation in recruiting and retaining skilled immigrants.

Evaluating New Canadians Requires New Tactics

Traditional resume screening and interview questions can inadvertently screen out talented immigrants.

Xerox Survey: Immigrants Bring Innovation

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada released this week a survey that shows that many Canadian businesses associate diversity with innovation, despite the ongoing hiring difficulties faced by skilled immigrant workers in the real world.

Passion for Helping Immigrants Rewarded

Sischa Maharaj, the former senior manager of intake programs for CIBC, provided cultural training to more than 50 managers at the bank and also shared with them the benefits of hiring new Canadians and internationally trained professionals.

The Way We Will Be

In 10 years managers will face a work force that is older and even more diverse. And they will have to compete for the privilege.