6 Great Blogs for Diversity Recruiters

These sources will help recruiters with diversity hiring objectives stay informed, engaged, and potentially a step ahead of the competition.

By Michael Wist, Locate Jobs Network

Diversity recruiting is much more of a journey than a destination. In order to stay sharp and knowledgeable about industry developments and other relevant issues, it’s important to connect with industry influencers and informed news sources. We do this constantly, in an effort to ensure that our diversity job boardsdeliver consistent value for both employers and job seekers. In the world of diversity sourcing and recruiting, there are many voices, but we’ve found that there are a few that stand just a bit above the rest.

If you are a recruiter with diversity hiring objectives, these are the sources we recommend to keep you informed, engaged, and potentially a step ahead of your competition:

Unconventional Training Blog by Guy Farmer

Guy Farmer gets it. His Unconventional Training Blog is extremely well-written and cuts to the core of the fundamentals of effective management and leadership in the workplace. Diversity issues aren’t the only thing covered in the blog, but they are a key component of Guy’s message. You will find numerous pearls of wisdom outside of the diversity sphere, but the pieces that do focus on diversity issues are sharp and very engaging.

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