Speed Interviewing, Round One: The Digital Industry

The Greater Halifax Partnership brought together IT employers to talk with potential candidates in a speed networking event

By Denise DeLong, Greater Halifax Partnership

The energy was palpable! For our first of four Speed Interviewing events funded by the RBC Foundation, nineteen diverse Digital Industry companies accepted our invitation to participate and filled the Almon room of the Halifax Club on February 1st.

Twenty eight internationally skilled professionals were, as they say in the UK, suited and booted. Some had a decade of experience and some were about to be newly minted graduates. Each participant had researched the companies, requested their top three choices for people they wanted to meet and we did our best to match them in the Speed Interviewing rounds. As was mentioned in the participant feedback evaluations, this event was seen as a, “good platform to get to know what Halifax has to offer as an IT destination!”

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